We have a date for the next #PicnicYA! It's on Sunday 24th August, 2pm, at Green Park. (We'll aim for the same general area we were in last time. I'll try and give some useful directions nearer the time.)

If you're coming, tweet us on @MeetUKYA to let us know. And if you'd like to see my giveaway pile and help me clear some space, just tell me!

Also, some of us are planning on going to some of the fabulous Pop Up Screens showings happening around London on weekends over the summer! Open-air cinema, £10 a time or £25/£15 for a weekend ticket (£25 if there's 3 or 4 films, £15 if there's 2.) There's also a season ticket at £75, which if you went to all of them would save you quite a bit of money... not that I'm trying to tempt anyone!

I've knocked up a Google calendar of the screenings. (Please note start times are when the film starts, doors open between 1 and 2 1/2 hours earlier.)

Stuff that may be of particular interest. (Depending how similar your taste in films is to mine!)

YALC weekend
Labyrinth Friday 11th July 9:30 pm at Morden
Breakfast Club Sunday 13th July 9:30 pm at Morden

The Faculty Friday 1st August 9:00 pm at Hammersmith
Grease Sunday 3rd August 9:00 pm at Hammersmith

Ten Things I Hate About You Friday 15th August 8:30 pm at Holborn
Dirty Dancing Saturday 16th August 8:30 pm at Holborn
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Sunday 17th August  8:30 pm at Holborn

Romeo + Juliet Saturday 23rd August 8:30 pm at Morden
Mamma Mia Sunday 24th August 8:30 pm at Morden

Blade Friday 29th August 8:30 pm at Fulham
Back To The Future Sunday 31st August 8:30 pm at Fulham

Moulin Rouge! Saturday 6th September 8:30 pm at Lewisham

Heathers Friday 12th September 8:00 pm at Hammersmith

The Goonies Friday 26th September 7:30 pm at Greenwich
Forrest Gump Saturday 27th September 7:30 pm at Greenwich

As much fun as #DrinkYA was a few weeks ago, #PicnicYA was bigger, better and generally even more brilliant! We also have a great spot in Green Park to head for - well picked out by Faye and Debbie - so hopefully next time should be slightly less stressful for me for the first half hour (there was a lot of running around trying to find people between 2 and 2:30! But well worth it.)

We're HOPING to repeat this event soon, as well as fitting in another #DrinkYA. In general, we're going to aim for a #DrinkYA and/or a #PicnicYA monthly, with various other, more 'niche', things (see below!) scattered between. If you want to be able to see discussions and announcements easily then please follow the new @MeetUKYA twitter page!

GENERAL NOTE: Obviously #DrinkYA events taking place in pubs are for over-18s only. For other events, if you are under 16, then common sense - and a fairly high number of awesome YA novels - should tell you that arranging to meet people who you only know on the internet in real life isn't a good idea. If you ARE under 16 and you'd like to come along, please tell a parent or guardian and ask them to bring you. (We won't bite, and some of us can probably be persuaded to talk about things other than YA books for at least a little bit of the time if they're worried they'll be bored!)

#PicnicYA - Sunday 24th August, 2pm, Green Park.

General note for picnics: Last time everyone brought stuff they wanted to eat/drink and some people brought extra to share/swap, which seemed to work really well! If you want to be really helpful and have a picnic blanket or two, or something similar to sit on, that would be great.

Future Events Being Discussed

There have been lots of fab ideas for future ones! Tweet us at the new Twitter account, if any sound particularly interesting or if you have other suggestions.

So far we're looking at:

#ZooYA - day trip to a zoo somewhere
#BeachYA - day trip to the seaside
#BowlingYA - ten-pin bowling!
#RollerDerbyYA - I may be in a small minority here, but I REALLY want to see some roller derby!
#BowieYA - Labyrinth Masquerade Ball at the Prince Charles Cinema looks amazing
#ZorbingYA - blame Debbie
#ThorpePackYA - for the adrenaline junkies amongst us!
#QuizYA - A few of us did a film quiz the other week at the Curzon, which was fab, but it was mentioned that a quiz on something we actually knew about might be even MORE fun. I'm up for writing the questions if we can find a venue...
#ArcheryYA - I tried archery back in November as part of a college trip where I was supervising and got the chance to have a go. I was surprisingly less rubbish than I was expecting so would love to try it again!

Any of those look particularly cool to you? Any we should add on?

Previous Meetings
#DrinkYA kicked off with a fab night at the Lemon Tree Covent Garden!
#PicnicYA's inaugural event was in

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