About Me and Contact Details

I'm in my (very!) early thirties but still love reading all kinds of books. While this blog is meant to be concentrating on YA, I get sidetracked occasionally into MG and adult books as well.

I write for the fantastic Bookbag website, and feel incredibly privileged to be part of such a wonderful site. I love book blogging and reviewing because it lets me spread the word about the phenomenal number of awesome books being released at the moment, and get in touch with cool people.

I am very, very, VERY jealous of teens today who get the chance to communicate with many of their favourite authors via Twitter, e-mail, etc, and wish I'd had that opportunity when growing up in the 80's and 90's. (Although, 90% of the authors I read at that time were dead, so I guess that wouldn't have been possible even WITH the awesomeness of the internet.)

My favourite thing about blogging is when someone tells me they've bought or borrowed a book because of one of my reviews or interviews, and I get to feel I've played a small part in that book's success - a wonderful feeling.