Saturday 19 December 2020

Indie Advent: Sophie Kirtley on The Rocketship Bookshop, Salisbury

I love the ingenuity of author Sophie Kirtley in today's Indie Advent post, a 10 step countdown of fabulous reasons to shop at Salisbury's Rocketship Bookshop!

Sophie Kirtley with The Wild Way Home in front of The Rocketship's stained glass window.

What makes The Rocketship so very special? Let the countdown commence:


10 – Children’s Books 

The Rocketship is all about books for children from newborns right up to big kids like me. (There are some carefully curated grown up books too – if you insist!)


9 – Expertise 

Lovely Jo Boyles is the mastermind and the heart behind this wonderful bookshop, and boy does Jo know her kids’ lit!


8 – Friendliness

Jo is very wise, and she’s also very friendly. From tiny tots to great grannies she and her team will welcome you so very warmly.


7 – Signings

And not only customers are welcome, authors are too. My debut novel, The Wild Way Home, came out in July and The Rocketship was one of the first bookshops where I actually saw my book on display. Feeling a bit shy and wally-ish I introduced myself and and asked if I could sign any stock; Jo and her partner instantly made my imposter-syndrome melt away! I think this lovely, kind-hearted, genuine welcome is why The Rocketship has so many lovingly signed books in stock. 


6 - Beauty 

And not only the books are beautiful - there’s even a stained glass window, as shown above!


5  - Labyrinthine Hugeness

The Rocketship looks teeny-tiny from the outside, but inside there are stairs and cellars and hidden rooms… and each one is full of glorious books… and each one is full of glorious pages… and each one is full of… (you get the idea!)


4 – Books-by-Mail

If you don’t live somewhere pop-in-ably close to lovely Salisbury then The Rocketship can even deliver. The website lets you buy online and your book will arrive all beautifully wrapped too – couldn’t be more perfect!


3 – Lockdown

The Rocketship launched just this year. Right on time for all the delights that 2020 has flung our way. I curse this ill-luck on The Rocketship’s behalf – not fair at all! Yet, no matter what, this bookshop has not let 2020 get the better of it. I’m sure it has been a real struggle for Jo and her team, but they have risen to the challenge with such style, grace and determination. (Round of applause please!)


2 – Inclusiveness 

Small-town Wiltshire is not exactly the most diverse place in the world! Yet The Rocketship is determined to tell every story and to give every young reader the chance to see themselves reflected in the books they read… and to read beyond their own existing world view. BIG Hooray!


1 – Did I mention the glorious, varied, delightful BOOKS?!


The Rocketship Bookshop - We have LIFT OFF!

Sophie can be found at her website and on Twitter. She is the author of The Wild Way Home.

Rocketship Bookshop

Bridge Street





01722 237172

Lu Fraser, Dashe Roberts, Kirsty Applebaum & Julie Pike signing their books

Display of Chitra Soundar's books You're Safe With Me, You're Snug With Me and You're Strong With Me.

Sophie Kirtley and Jo Boyles

Display of books

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