Monday 7 December 2020

Indie Advent: Hannah from A Cup Of Wonderland on Typewronger Books, Edinburgh

Latest of our #IndieAdvent posts sees us go to Scotland! Really grateful to Hannah from A Cup Of Wonderland for this awesome post on Edinburgh's Typewronger Books.

January 2020

It’s cold, the air is crisp, and it’s my first time visiting Edinburgh entirely on my own. A whole week stretched out in front of me to explore this beautiful city and most importantly, it’s numerous bookshops that are hidden throughout. 

My hands are cold despite wearing gloves when I spot the steps leading to Typewronger Books, and almost immediately upon my stepping inside the bookseller behind the counter offers me a cup of tea. An easy way to get to my heart, books and tea. 

Although it was smaller than I first expected, Typewronger is filled with a wide variety of books and packed with interesting trinkets and most importantly typewriters too. 

I look through the shelves before selecting a few that are of interest to me and nestle myself away in the corner - thankfully, there were a few chairs to sit in and a couple of books. In a comforting way, it felt like home. 

After I finalised my selection of books and made my tea, I went back to the counter to return the now empty cup and purchase my books and faced with a surprising decision of what origami animal I would like. It’s a tough choice between frog, butterfly and dragon but the dragon still wins out. 

November 2020

Now it’s almost the end of November, and after being stuck in the house for nearly eight months now, I’m yearning to go back and maybe get another origami dragon too. 

Back in January, I selected a couple of Japanese penguin classics along with some short stories too. But if I could return to Edinburgh right now, I think I would be on the look out for some science fiction and fantasy as well as contemporary works and translations too. 

I never enter a bookshop with a clear mind of what I want. I like the surprise and the chance to find a new, unexpected favourite that I have never heard before. After all that is the magic of a bookshop and if that bookshop offers tea and origami animals, a comfortable place to sit and read and most importantly warm as well. Then that bookshop may have captured my heart, and I look forward to shopping at Typewronger again. 

In addition to her site, A Cup Of Wonderland, Hannah can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful bookshop! One of these days I will get to Edinburgh!