Wednesday 16 December 2020

Emma Perry on Oldfield Park Bookshop, Bath, UK

Really happy to welcome author Emma Perry to the blog for the latest Indie Advent post, to talk about Oldfield Park Bookshop in Bath!

It’s been a bonkers year for all sorts of reasons. However, I think one of the most positive things to come out of this has been a growing sense of appreciation for independent shops, and the people who run them. Because… they care.

Take a stroll down Moorlands Road in Bath, away from the bustle of the busy Bath town centre and you’ll find a vibrant street filled with a great variety of independent shops. And they all go that extra mile.

Nestled proudly in the middle, with its iconic red shop front is The Oldfield Park Bookshop.

Pop inside the light filled space and you’ll find shelves and tables heaving with carefully curated books – a browser’s delight. If you’re not too sure what to pick, chat to Harry. Always chat to Harry.

Harry is the owner of this bookshop, and he KNOWS books. He knows the local authors who always pop in for a chat (thanks Harry!), he advises local schools looking to expand their libraries and gives top tips to book groups. He loves books and his customers.

People passing by in the street, will always wave and call ‘hello’ to Harry. This is what a local business feels like. Friendly. Community. Caring.

Caring… because during lockdown Harry could also be found delivering not only books, but medicine and other essentials to those in the community who needed them.

I realise there may be a problem with this article… what if you live MILES AWAY from Bath?? Never fear dear reader, Harry and his fabulous booksellers are just a phone call away, 01225 427722. Phew!

Indie Booksellers are fabulously creative, hardworking and knowledgeable human beings.

Support them.


Check out Emma's website or catch her on Twitter.

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