Friday, 4 December 2020

Cover Reveal: The Case Of The Smuggler's Curse by FS Dawson

I'm not really doing cover reveals these days, for various reasons, but sometimes a book comes along that I'm so excited for I can't really resist! This is one of these cases - Allan Boroughs, author of the fantastic Ironheart and Bloodstone books, 2 favourites of mine, contacted me to say that his new book was co-written with bestselling author Mark Dawson (under the pen-name FS Dawson), and would I like to do the honours of revealing it? I was VERY happy to say yes!

So, without further ado, here's Stuart Bache's GORGEOUS cover to MG adventure The Case Of The Smuggler's Curse!

Lucy, Max, Charlie and Joe are looking for each other… they just don’t know it yet

Lucy, Max, Charlie and Joe aren’t looking for new friends – they have too many of their own problems to worry about.  But when the four of them, and Charlie’s faithful dog, Sherlock, spot a phantom figure on Southtown beach one winter’s night, they are thrown together to unravel a mystery that none of them expected.

Just who is the ghostly spectre that walks the sands of Southtown with a lantern in his hand?  What is the connection to the ancient curse that hangs over the town?  And is the respectable Quentin De Havilland everything he pretends to be?  

The deeper they dig, the bigger the adventure becomes – motorboats and tracking devices, bedroom breakouts and daring sea rescues are all in a days’ work for the ‘After-School Detective Club’.  But when their investigations lead them into trouble with the police, there is only one thing left to do – they must go undercover for a final showdown with a ruthless gang of smugglers who will stop at nothing to get what they want.  

If the five friends can learn to work together, they might just solve the mystery – if only they can stop arguing with each other first.

The ‘After-School Detective Club and the Case of the Smuggler’s Curse’ is the first in a brand-new series of middle grade adventure stories from FS Dawson that brings together the best traditions of Enid Blyton, Jaqueline Wilson and David Walliams.

As a bonus, check out these awesome interior illustrations, also by Stuart Bache!

Mark Dawson is the author of the John Milton, Beatrix and Isabella Rose and Soho Noir series.   
Allan Boroughs is a writer and traveller and the author of the 'Legend of Ironheart' and the 'Starless and Black Mysteries' series for children. 

The book is available to buy for Kindle and as a paperback.  

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