Tuesday, 6 October 2020

YA Books American-Style Crossword - October Releases And Others

There are a huge amount of awesome books coming out in the US this month! I mentioned some I'm especially looking forward to a few days ago, but I also wanted to fit as many as I could into a crossword...

Unlike the previous one I wrote, this is a US-style crossword, which means there are far more connections between answers - in fact, every letter appears in two answers, so you can technically complete it just by doing all of the across OR all of the down clues! 

There are numerous books in here - I've tried to add in something about their release date UNLESS they're out this month, so anything where there's no specific release date mentioned should be out either today or in the next three weeks.

Would love to hear what people think; leave me a comment or @ me on Twitter!

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