Tuesday 27 October 2020

Review: Love At First Fight by Sandhya Menon

Set between the second and third books in Sandhya Menon's When Dimple Met Rishi trilogy, this is a delightful e-novella showing the continuing love stories between the couples introduced in When Dimple Met Rishi and There’s Something About Sweetie, and the first tentative sparks flying between the lead characters of Ten Things I Hate About Pinky.

The Patel brothers, Rishi and Ashish, are heading to a Valentine's Day escape room along with Rishi's fiancee Dimple and Ashish's girlfriend Sweetie, but bump into two of Ash's friends, Pinky Kumar and Samir Jha, on the way. Both get invited to join them and when they're split into pairs in the romance-themed room, as the only two not in a couple, they end up working together. Can they put aside their mutual annoyance with each other to help the group succeed?

I read this slightly after Ten Things I Hate About Pinky, so already really loved Pinky and Samir, in particular, but it was great to be reunited with all six of Menon's fantastic characters here. I love the solidarity between Dimple and Pinky - two people whose approach to Valentine's Day is wonderfully Scrooge-like - while it's great that both Patel brothers are in loving relationships. Menon writes incredible chemistry between couples and the three pairings here show off her skill in doing that, with each duo's interactions being charming but completely different.

The escape room was a really fun setting and I loved that we got to see the actual clues given, and how they solved things, although have to admit that I would NOT have got any of the trivia questions which held the key to the answers - I was very glad not to be in their position!

For people who can't get enough of Sandhya Menon's delightful contemporaries, this is a must read. If you're new to her writing, it's a great way to sample it and I'm confident you'll quickly want to read all three novels.

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