Monday 19 October 2020

Farrah Rochon Crossword

I've become a big fan of romance over the last year or two, and Farrah Rochon is my absolute favourite author in the genre! From The Boyfriend Project, her recent office romance about a woman who's just dumped someone and is going viral for it and a guy who's the new hire with a big secret, to her series about the inhabitants of small Louisiana town Gauthier (which I can't name as it's the answer to 25 across!), she never fails to deliver on wonderful characters, fabulous chemistry, and brilliant plots. 

This crossword includes about 20 questions looking at a variety of her books. The idea is that even if you haven't read her yet, the general knowledge stuff here should give you a chance at working other stuff out - and hopefully it may tempt you into trying her fantastic books.

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