Wednesday 6 May 2020

Cover Reveal: Starless and Black... and the case of the perfect girl

So, that blogging comeback was all going so well, and then... 

(If my hair wasn't a complete mess having not been cut for months, this is where I'd insert a picture of me looking at the screen helplessly!)

I was starting to think I was done with this - I haven't read anything for ages, I have little motivation in general, and the state of the world is getting me down.

But just when I thought I was out, they drag me back in again...

They, in this case, being Allan Boroughs, superstar MG author. Allan's debut novel Ironheart and sequel Bloodstone are two of my favourite middle grade adventures for many years, with a stunning lead character, an outstanding supporting cast, and a fantastic plot for the series which marries incredible excitement to real heart and humour, building to a wonderful conclusion. I've spent 5 years desperately hoping for more from this outstanding author - so when he messaged me saying "Hey, want to do a cover reveal?" I was so thrilled I signed up without realising I'd committed to performing the Dance of the Seven Veils!

Sadly, a back injury has meant I can't keep that promise, BUT I can bring you an even better visual delight...

From the, frankly, jaw-droppingly talented Cheynne Edmonston, I can exclusively reveal the cover of Starless and Black... and the case of the perfect girl, being published by Faster-Than-Light Press on 1st June!

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