Thursday, 9 August 2018

The Friendship Fails Of Emma Nash Blog Tour: Chloe Seager on her TV BFFs

Thrilled to be celebrating the release of The Friendship Fails of Emma Nash, by Chloe Seager, today, hosting a post by Chloe about her ideal TV BFFs. I'm a HUGE fan of Chloe's hilarious contemporary debut and this follow-up is just as fantastically funny.

The Friendship Fails of Emma Nash is published today, 9th August, by HQ.

My Ideal TV BFF(s)

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am deeply obsessed with Gilmore Girls. (And anyone who doesn’t know me well.)

Rory and Lorelai are my ideal TV best friends because not only are they mates, they’re also mother and daughter. Growing up I lived alone with my Mum and we have a somewhat comparable relationship, (as do Emma and her Mum in the Emma Nash series), so their on-screen friendship always struck a chord with me.

Of course, my Mum and I had way more arguments than Rory and Lorelai (whose relationship is mostly plain sailing, minus the Rory-dropping-out-of-Yale fiasco.) We fought, bickered, screamed and squabbled until we were blue in the face. But despite that, my Mum has always been my closest confidante. She knows everything about my life and tells me everything about hers (possibly in a little too much detail…) We have a laugh together and cry to each other. I don’t make decisions (from where to move to what glasses I should buy) without knowing what Mama Seags thinks first, and she runs most things by me as well.

I suppose Rory and Lorelai were the first example of this that I ever really came across on TV. They’re close in more than just a mother-daughter way, and in many respects they have more of a partnership than a parental relationship. Sometimes Rory is the mother to Lorelai, rather than the other way around. Their relationship is mother-daughter, but it’s also a mutually caring friendship.

I love this, not only because it resonates with me personally, but because it’s nice to see the traditional portrayals of family and friendship turned on their head. Rory and Lorelai never needed anyone else; they were each other’s world. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of their unconventional, blissfully happy family, and their unlikely, unbreakable friendship?

As a fellow fan of the Gilmore Girls, I loved that post! My personal favourite TV friendships include all of the central characters in Roswell, so many pairs/groups in Degrassi: Next Class (but Lola/Yael are the absolute BEST), and Toadie/Billy/Lance in Neighbours

Who are your favourite TV BFFs? Leave us a comment!