Friday, 14 July 2017

THIRTY Things I've Read... and Watched #3

As mentioned in week 1, there are some sites which could quite conceivably fill this list between them EVERY WEEK as they constantly produce amazing posts - and I find it way too hard to single them out! So instead, I will just list them at the start of each post. If you're not reading the following, you are REALLY missing out.

Safe Space

Media Diversified
The Pool
Teen Vogue 

Addition: Given the current political climate, I would strongly suggest also reading EVERYTHING Celeste Pewter tweets; she is incredibly insightful and her tweets on US politics have helped me figure out which things going on are reasonably worrying and which are absolutely terrifying.

The Twenty Thirty
Austin Chant kicked off ‘Gender in Romance’ series on Open Ink’s site, talking about writing trans characters in same-gender romance.
I don’t link to reviews generally because there are just SO many great ones out there that I could easily fill this feature just with them. But if anyone IS on the fence about reading A Change Is Gonna Come, the upcoming Stripes anthology of short stories from BAME authors, please please please check out Jill Murphy’s stunning 5-star review over at The Bookbag and let her convince you to read the book!
Talking of great reviews, please take a look at Marie’s new Lots of Livres blog, it’s gotten off to such a wonderful start!  
And another new blogger continues to impress - there's a really heartfelt and moving piece here by Amy on the tragic death of Helen Bailey.
I found Jaylee James’ Polycule – the story of a polyamorous queer person trying to date on the internet – and am DEVOURING it. Everything is fabulous but er piece about life partner Chris is a super-cute read.
Nikesh Shukla wrote a superb piece on how Spider-Man comics taught him how to live AND how to write
I'd never read this until someone shared it, but there's a very touching piece by Roald Dahl about the need to vaccinate children against measles.
There was a cover reveal on The Book Smugglers for the GORGEOUS cover of Stephanie Burgis's Snowspelled! I read this last week and it's utterly charming, as Stephanie's stories always are, and the cover by Leesha Hannigan captures it beautifully. (Sorry, the giveaway has ended, before I get anyone's hopes up!)
Corey Ann Haydu wrote a really moving piece for BookRiot on writing, sexual harassment and being an example.  
And another incredible moving one, as Laura shared a post about Glastonbury, and the festival's amazing response to a horrible sexual assault by people she'd considered friends which occurred two months before they were going to the festival together - it was heart-warming to read about how the organisers had made sure she felt comfortable to attend.
Great post on the Book Voyagers – book recs based on Greek gods.
Parrish Turner wrote a really interesting piece, What I Do As A Sensitivity Reader.
Molly Ker Hawn is looking for interns. Molly is one of the most amazing agents out there and this is an exceptional opportunity!
My friend Daphne's awesome business Illumicrate was featured as the Startacus Startup of the Week!
Musa Okwonga wrote a great piece for New Statesman on Anne-Marie Morris’s use of racist language.
Kathryn Ormsby talked to EW’s Nivea Serrao about Tash Hearts Tolstoy - I am exceptionally excited for this one, yay ace rep!
SLJ’s Shelley Diaz interviewed Miles Morales: Spider-Man author Jason Reynolds; this is another book that looks fabulous!
There's an awesome preview of the second half of 2017 over on The Millions.
And another great preview on B & N, with Dahlia Adler looking at their most-anticipated indie YA books of the next six months.
James Loke Hale wrote a fantastic piece about being genderfluid for Bustle.
Sam Missingham shared some great thoughts on the Deborah Orrarticle in the Guardian last week about taking antidepressants.  
@Gildedspine, who's one of the most consistently insightful and thought-provoking people I follow on Twitter, had a wonderful thread on thinking about what people have the authority to say, and knowing when to keep silent.
Kumail Nanjiani talked about audience reaction to The Big Sick, which I am INCREDIBLY excited to see.
And there's a great Sarah Hollowell thread here on fatphobia.

Jen Campbell interviews Rachel Joyce here, which is awesome.
And Juno Dawson has a fantastic Adam Silvera interview for the Zoella Book Club. 
Lily has some great YALC tips.
Stripes continue their series of videos about new contributors to their A Change Is Gonna Come anthology (mentioned above!) talking to Yasmin Rahman.
And George Lester has a brilliant LGBTQIA wrap-up video.

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