Saturday 6 May 2017

Twenty Things I've Read #15

My links recap continues, after another slight break.

As mentioned in week 1, there are some sites which could quite conceivably fill this list between them EVERY WEEK as they constantly produce amazing posts - and I find it way too hard to single them out! So instead, I will just list them at the start of each post. If you're not reading the following, you are REALLY missing out.

Safe Space

Media Diversified
The Pool
Teen Vogue 

Addition: Given the current political climate, I would strongly suggest also reading EVERYTHING Celeste Pewter tweets; she is incredibly insightful and her tweets on US politics have helped me figure out which things going on are reasonably worrying and which are absolutely terrifying.

The Twenty

Alana Massey’s post for MEL magazine on how men could learnsomething from One Direction is one of the best pieces of writing about music I’ve ever read. 

Nineworlds announced some of the titles for programme items at the 2017 convention! There are some fascinating looking things coming up; I’m super-excited for it – it’s always one of my favourite events of the year. 

Sam Missingham’s new site Lounge Books is really fabulous, and I look forward to using it to discover some awesome new books. 

With lots of people having different views on ebooks and physical books (I’m a huge fan of both) I really appreciated Erin Kelly sharing this great letter in The Guardian from Ian Macrae about the benefits of ebooks and text-to-speech for blind readers. 

I’m thrilled that Rife: Twenty Stories from Britain’s Youth is finally funded! However there’s still the chance to pledge and get some great rewards. 

I don’t normally include my own posts in these twenty but I REALLY wanted to share this amazing Eleanor Wood interview again! 

Speaking of interviews, Olivia Chanel’s Saturday NightAuthor Fever – asking about 70s music and diverse books is such a fabulous idea! And it’s great to see one of my favourite authors, Dahlia Adler, starting it off. 

There’s a stunning piece by Sunny Singh here about the Jhalak Prize being forced to justify the prize’s existence to the EHRC after a complaint by Philip Davies MP. 

Ruby Tandoh released her mental health zine Do What You Want, just £1.99 as an ebook. I’ve just started, and it’s awesome – don’t miss it! 

There’s a really important piece on The Atlantic site by Sophie Gilbert looking at the ways in which popular TV series 13 Reasons Why was problematic in how it tackled suicide. 

Fabulous teen blogger Amber Kirk-Ford wrote a great post about the recent Penguin Random House Children’s Highlights evening, which I was lucky enough to attend.  

Jessica Plummer’s Book Riot piece on why many fans aren’t interested in being ‘patient’ with Marvel over the HYDRA Captain America stuff was superb.

Stunning Twitter thread from Suzannah Lipscomb in response to Mark Lawson asking whether 17th century spouses were really as feisty, cheeky and rebellious as those in new TV programme Jamestown. (Spoiler: often, yes.)

Another great YA Open Mic on the B & N site – I especially loved Laura Silverman, Elizabeth Wein and Jennifer Yu’s pieces. 

Magic Mike Live sounds incredible! I loved Lindsey Kelk’s piece on it for Glamour.

Autostraddle have an extract from Honor Girl by Maggie Thrash, which looks superb – I can’t wait to read this book! 

I love this interview with Unstoppable Wasp writer Jeremy Whitley and scientist Tamara Robertson! 

My awesome friend Louie Stowell spoke about technology and reading on Book Machine! 

I loved the Gerry Duggan AMA on the Marvel Reddit! 

Finally, a really thought-provoking post by Simon Smith on making careful judgments about class books

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