Saturday, 11 February 2017

Twenty Things I've Read #10

My new (hopefully weekly!) links recap format continues. 

As mentioned in week 1, there are some sites which could quite conceivably fill this list between them EVERY WEEK as they constantly produce amazing posts - and I find it way too hard to single them out! So instead, I will just list them at the start of each post. If you're not reading the following, you are REALLY missing out.

Safe Space

Media Diversified
The Pool
Teen Vogue 

Addition: Given the current political climate, I would strongly suggest also reading EVERYTHING Celeste Pewter tweets; she is incredibly insightful and her tweets on US politics have helped me figure out which things going on are reasonably worrying and which are absolutely terrifying.

Publishers Weekly have the full text of Roxane Gay's incredible keynote speech at the recently ended Winter Institute - required reading, as is Kat Cho talking about The Diversity Conversation, and LL McKinney on why she's #TeamStayInYourLane. And, of course, the superb Danielle Dash on Beyonce, Black Joy and White Women. For Buzzfeed, Patrick Strudwick covered this week's saddening cancellation of Juno Dawson's author visit to Brownedge St Mary's Catholic High School. 

Some great lists, as usual - loved this one from Books With Jane on her most anticipated releases of 2017! while Shanna Miles has a great list of links to fabulous booktubers here in her post Looking For A Brown Booktuber: 10 Booktubers To Watch. There's a wonderful post from Sue here on books about love - perfect Valentine's Day reads! Additionally Workman Publishing have a fabulous list of books celebrating diversity, while Cinderzenablogs's post about Sri Lankan literature has added tons to my TBR! (Also seconding her recommendation of Chinaman, an all-time favourite of mine, HARD.)

Judd Apatow's comment about Donald Trump tweeting like a 14-year-old girl drew rightful condemnation and some great responses, two of my favourites being at TLT and Queen of Contemporary. My friend (and fellow fan of The OC) Grace wrote a fabulous love letter to Sandy Cohen. Like me, Grace is a huge fan of the incredible Louise O'Neill - I loved Louise's post on doing the best you can today. And another great book blogger had huge news, with Amber posting about the Rife anthology she's part of, which looks amazing! (In crowdfunding at the moment; please consider taking a look!)

The LA Review of Books has a stunning interview with Gabi, A Girl in Pieces author Isabel Quintero.  As you'll know if you're following my weekly Shorts on Sundays posts, I'm trying to read lots of short stories this year. I'm very excited about the Problem Daughters anthology, currently open to submissions. Great to read this piece from two of the editors, Rivqa Rafael and Nicolette Barischoff, about the value of anthologies for marginalised writers. There's an outstanding piece in The Atlantic, In Defense of Facts, in which William Deresiewicz reviews John d'agata's essay collections. Rukmini Callimachi's piece on how ISIS guides terror attacks from afar is deeply troubling, but required reading. Finally, BookRiot are spreading the word about classrooms serving immigrant, refugee, and ESL communities which need funding for books - if you can afford to do so, please consider donating! 

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