Sunday 26 February 2017

Shorts on Sunday #9

My Shorts on Sunday recommendations continue.

What The Heart Wants by Naomi Tajedler 

Availability: Either as part of the superb Duet Books anthology Summer Love (which I would highly recommend!), or can be bought individually on Amazon

Story: A teenage girl develops her first romantic feelings, falling for a beautiful female model at art class.

Why I'm Recommending: It manages to include a young girl coming out, a gorgeous first relationship, a strong friendship, sibling rivalry, and a character who identifies as asexual. (This last, in particular, is something I want to see SO MUCH more of and barely ever find!) This is so well done it feels as rich and fulfilling as many novels do, in the space of just 40 pages or so

Good Luck and Farewell by Brandy Colbert

Availability: As part of Summer Days and Summer Nights, edited by Stephanie Perkins (Macmillan)

Story: When the cousin who practically brought her up breaks the news she's moving away with her girlfriend, a Chicago teen struggles to cope with her leaving, but meets a boy who may become part of her life. 

Why I'm recommending: I really like stories about endings and beginnings, and this captures both perfectly. It's my first Brandy Colbert and has me even more excited to read her debut novel Pointe (sadly not out in the UK) which sounds absolutely amazing; she captures her characters so well.

Untitled story by @MicroSFF

Availability: Read it HERE

Story: It's 140 characters long; I can't really describe it without giving it away!

Why I'm recommending: A stunning example of flash fiction which is my favourite yet from a brilliant account! Please consider backing MicroSFF on Patreon if you are able to and enjoy this or other stories. 

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