Friday 24 February 2017

Exclusive Emma Shoard gif from The Pavee and the Buffer Girl

Super excited to have an animated gif by Emma Shoard today! Emma has illustrated Siobhan Dowd's The Pavee and the Buffer Girl, which is published next Thursday (2nd March) by Barrington Stoke.

Emma's also written a bit about it - over to you, Emma!

Emma Shoard:

I decided a while ago that after I had finished the illustrations for The Pavee and the Buffer Girl and the drawings decided upon had gone off to print, that I would like to animate a few scenes from the book. I studied animation a little bit at University but this would largely be a new process for me and it was exciting to imagine what it might bring to the illustrations. It was a way for me to continue developing a project that I have loved working on since receiving the commission back in 2015.

With these animations I wanted it to create the idea that the world inhabited by Jim and Kit continues beyond the page by introducing small movements to an illustration or having a character move through it. The three scenes I have chosen - the first of which appears here today - are all from different points in the book and hopefully tell you a little about the characters and setting of the story. 

The Library
For Jim’s walk cycle I began by drawing key points in the movement on pieces of tracing paper, overlaying them and testing the sequence in Photoshop. It was surprising how few frames were needed to describe the movement, your imagination fills in a lot of detail. The important things to think about were giving the trolley some weight and thinking about how Jim might stand, how he might pick up a book.

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