Tuesday 24 January 2017

Waiting For Callback: Take Two Blog Tour - Perdita and Honor Cargill on Casting

Awesome to have one of my favourite author pairings, fab mother and daughter duo Perdita and Honor Cargill, here today to talk about Waiting For Callback: Take Two!

It’s Day Three of our Take Two movie-themed blog tour and today we're talking Casting.

We indulged in a bit of fantasy casting when Waiting for Callback came out, check it out on the Maximum Pop site here. Our original choices mostly stand except that now we’ve been writing more Carlo (also known shockingly as ‘Hot Carlo’) we’d probably go more for Kofi Siriboe (he played Tyler in Awkward) than a young Will Smith.  (H: I keep changing my mind but it’s no hardship to keep searching…).

Daisy has a big role in Take Two but we have to go back to Waiting for Callback for a description “Daisy was gorgeous and tiny like a doll – all blonde ringlets and big round blue eyes. She had a sort of retro-perfect thing going on and never had smudged mascara or a fist-sized hole in her tights like the rest of us.” This is our Daisy. Kiernan Shipka (we’ll give her coloured contact lenses). 

Amber Leigh and Sam Gross are the two A Celebs that play the adult leads in Straker. They were scarily easy to cast.

Sam is short (“He owns forty pairs of red leather loafers with concealed heels which were handmade in Italy”) but we’re not going Tom Cruise, Sam’s a bit rawer than that.  And very handsome (“Normal-people-can’t-look-him-in –the-eye-and-tend-to-forgive-him-everything-including-the-anger-issues -handsome. That handsome.”) We’re going with Colin Farrell.  We’re not going to try and explain that choice because we’d probably get sued.

We’re so sorry Gwyneth Paltrow, we’re sure that you are an amazing and genuine person in real life but Goop sometimes makes us laugh, so we’re going with you for Amber“If Sam Gross had glowed, Amber Leigh was in a different category. I don’t know what it was – make up? Green juice? Money? It wasn’t that she looked different to what I’d expected, it was that she looked exactly like she did on magazine covers. She was a genuine air-brushed human being.”

(Gwyneth getting through her Goop cleanse)

We said we wouldn’t cast Archie but we love the Archie on our cover.  He’s perfect. (H: and helping select him was a lot of fun if borderline weird!).

Thank you Jim for hosting us! And tomorrow we’ll be talking about Direction (actually Co-direction because we’re talking about how collaborate now) over on Chelley’s site, Tales of Yesterday. Come and join us!

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