Saturday 7 January 2017

Shorts On Sunday #2

My new Shorts on Sunday feature continues, with two recommendations from me and my first ever guest-poster on this feature, the wonderful Katherine Webber, author of Wing Jones (published by Walker and out just a few days ago!) Wing is a completely gorgeous read and anyone who enjoys beautifully-written contemporaries about family, athletics, grief, and love should definitely check it out! 

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The Terracotta Bride by Zen Cho
Available: As an ebook - links to buy here.
Story: Set in the Chinese afterlife, this tells the story of the three wives of the richest man in hell. While the first two of them are human, the third is rather more unusual.
Why I'm recommending: Gorgeously written f/f romance with characters who I grew attached to really quickly. The world-building is absolutely phenomenal and the story is beautifully bittersweet. A stunning novelette which definitely makes me want to read more from Zen (I'm going to get to Sorcerer to the Crown SOON and am incredibly excited for it!) On a side note, Likhain's cover is completely gorgeous!

Undead Philosophy 101 by Stephanie Burgis
Available: As an ebook - links to buy here.
Story: Amanda knows there are vampires on campus and doesn't really care that much. Then her roommate gets bitten, and it's time to take action.
Why I'm recommending: I think Stephanie Burgis writes some of the best heroines ever - Kat Stephenson from her MG trilogy starting with A Most Improper Magick and Aventurine from upcoming The Dragon With A Chocolate Heart are both wonderful. Grumpy Amanda, MC of this story is another brilliant one and I'd love to read more starring her! Like The Terracotta Bride, the world-building here is incredible given the short length of the story. And I adored the clever ending.

Guest post from Katherine Webber

One True Love by Malinda Lo
Available: In the anthology Foretold: 14 Tales of Prophecy and Prediction, edited by Carrie Ryan.

One of my favorite short stories is One True Love by Malinda Lo, in the short story anthology FORETOLD. It is a fairy tale like-story that begins with a prophecy, but then twists and turns into something else. It is gorgeous and sumptuous and romantic, and while I would happily read an entire novel about the characters that Malinda Lo introduces us to in the story, she also wraps everything up perfectly by the end. It is satisfying but also leaves you deeply invested in the characters and the world. The story also features a swoon worthy f/f romance! I first read it years ago, but I reread it often, and think of it even more. 

Katherine Webber is the author of WING JONES, published by Walker Books. Katherine was born in Southern California but has lived in Atlanta, Hawaii, Hong Kong and now in London. For several years she worked at the reading charity BookTrust, where she worked on projects such as The Letterbox Club which delivers parcels of books to children in care, and YALC, the Young Adult Literature Convention. You can find her on Twitter @kwebberwrites

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