Sunday 28 August 2016

LGBTQIAP+ Retellings I'd Love To See

I blog fairly rarely these days (you may have noticed) but occassionally I get an idea for a fun post. Slightly more often, someone else gets an idea I love, and they're kind enough to let me use it, so when Dahlia Adler tweeted the below question it got me thinking.

Thanks to Dahlia, who runs the AMAZING LGBTQReads, for letting me base a post on her tweet!)

Okay, here's ten I'd love to see.

Louisa May Alcott's Little Women is a favourite classic of mine. How about The March Brothers, with Joe and Andy (Jo and Amy in the original) both as bisexual guys?

My absolute favourite, The Great Gatsby, is crying out for more ace characters. (Okay, admittedly, IMO pretty much EVERYTHING EVER is crying out for more ace characters.) Nick as an ace/aro guy who just wants to be close friends with Jay, Jay Gatsby as an ace biromantic guy, and Daisy as a demisexual biromantic guy.

Pride and Prejudice with Darcy and Lizzie not romantically involved, but as two ace/aro characters who form a strong connection and embark on a quasiplatonic relationship.

Musical of Les Mis retold with a nearly all female cast - we'll keep Thenardier as a guy, maybe. And perhaps Jean Valjean, I guess. But the love triangle becomes an f/f/f one between Marie and Eponine, both lesbians, and homoromantic ace girl Cosette.

Ten Things I Hate About You (I know it's already a retelling, but I love Ten Things and I can't stand Taming of the Shrew!) with Kat as an ace girl who wants romance but not sex and isn't expecting to find it, until Patrick comes into her life and reassures her that he loves her and her asexuality.

Folk song Matt Hyland is about a lord's daughter who falls in love with her father's servant, only for her parents to find out. Overhearing them planning to send him away, she warns him and gives him money to run. When her parents realise her heart is broken, they bring him back and allow them to marry. I don't want to claim that this is the only happy ending in all of folk, but it's definitely one of them. I would LOVE a retelling of this with the servant as a trans boy, brought up by parents who see him as a girl, running away and finally being able to live as a boy when he gets the job with the lord's family.

Another folk song; this time without a happy ending (except OBVIOUSLY there would be in my retelling!) Matty Groves is about a servant who's seduced by his master's wife, only for the master to return and catch them in bed together and slay Matty in a duel. F/f retelling of this one, with the servant being a surprisingly good swordfighter and managing to kill the lord and escape with his wife, would be AMAZING.

Non-binary Sherlock Holmes investigating mysteries, and involved in a poly romance with Watson and Watson's wife, SCREAMS awesomeness to me!

Aladdin with a trans girl as Aladdin, using her street smarts to fool her uncle and then falling in love with the princess, could be really great as well, I think.

And finally another film - Casablanca with three guys involved in the central love triangle would be wonderful!

What LGBTQIAP+ retellings would you like to see?


  1. Harry Potter being Harriet, resembling her mother more than her father, being subject to harassment from Snape while falling for first Cho Chang and then Ginny, another redhead.

    Wintersmith where Tiffany Aching has to endure a romance with the queen of winter, who then tries to become a "human man" to satisfy her but fails because Tiffany's against the concept of being forced into any relationship regardless of gender, and falls for Prentiss, a castle guard training to be a doctor. Then in the Shepherd's Crown she helps Geoffrey, trans man who was raised to be a duchess but has decided to become a witch. (With that said, Discworld is a progressive series.)

    Beauty Pop where Kiri is a nonbinary person using "her" pronouns who doesn't show off her hair-cutting skills due to bullying. She then interferes when a group of stylists at school do designated makeovers to make people fit labels of gender identity, especially when they shout slurs at her friend Kanako who is bisexual.

  2. What am absolutely fun post! I'll be thinking of my own LGBT+ retellings that I want to see for awhile...