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Recent Links: 11th July Edition

I'll repeat my intro from last month - I'm going to drop most of the commentary from me - most posts have featured about 12 different uses each of 'fabulous', 'brilliant', 'wonderful' and 'I loved/adored this'. All of these things are COMPLETELY true, but they get repetitive - and much worse, I worry they make me sound insincere when I'm definitely not! Basically, ANYTHING included here is something I love and think is amazing.

(I feel bad leading with my own thing after that intro, but wanted to make sure this list of asexual representation was on the blog!)

Starting with Safe Space UK, several posts!

Life Turns on a Dime - Laura  

That Miserable Little Voice - Ray 
The Power of Compassion and Empathy - Jo 
The Man In The Alleyway - Jess
5 Things No One Told Me About Growing Up As A Woman - Laura
What Makes Me, Me - Lily (I know I said I was avoiding commentary but I HAVE to say that I'm super-excited to see Lily, who's amazing, writing for one of my very favourite sites!)

And on Safe Space founder Jess's own blog, Louise Gornall shared her top 5 books on mental health.

Other Safe Space team members with posts on their own blogs included my awesome friends Faye and Debbie.

Faye on being Nearly A Year Older, music and desserts. Faye was also on Maximum Pop talking about launching her amazing PR company! In that Maximum Pop series, Hayley Steed shared tips on getting a job in publicity.

Foodie Guide To Copenhagen from Debbie

Chelley shared a friend's anonymous post on YA and anxiety and how seeing themselves in YA helped them.

Caitlin's posts, as ever, were amazing - Etsy Addiction #5, The True Cost of Chronic Illness, The Frustration of Not Living Your Best Life

Great BookTube videos recently:
Julianne - Walker Books InkSlingers Summer Picnic Haul, June 2016 Recap and Mar - May 2016 Recap.

Lucy Richardson talked to Sanne from Booksandquills about Social Media, YouTube & Getting Into Publishing, Emma Gannon about Growing Up Online and Rosalind Jana about Feminism, Style and Finding Yourself.

Katherine Woodfine book haul.
Back to blogs! Great book haul from Stacey and fab bookshelf tour.

I shared ten of my top books of the year so far on Teens on Moon Lane!

Charlie guest posted here, 6 Degrees of Women Who Love Women.

On LGBTQ Reads, Calista Lynne posted about Authors and Asexuality and Dahlia posted her TBRainbow.

On I Talk Telly, Elliot Gonzalez interviewed Rebecca Root about Boy Meets Girl.

Grace shared barista tips and posted about her reading heroes.

Emma Gannon interviewed Louise O'Neill for her podcast.

On Maximum Pop, the cover was revealed for the Stripes anthology I'll Be Home For Christmas.

Little Tiger recapped their TigerSplash event.
Fiona Noble previewed July's best YA books.

I mentioned some of these previously, but Books are my Bag made a playlist of ALL of the #IBW2016 tag videos!

Imogen posted about bullet journals.

Skylark Literary agency gave tips on agent 1-to-1s.

Vee from The Gay YA interviewed David Levithan and Nina LaCour.

Next Illumicrate box is coming soon, and Maximum Pop have a discount code!

Gavin posted about his weekend in London, including Pride.

Fox Benwell is raising money for his medical transition - please consider donating if you're able to and/or spreading the word!

Crowdfunding continues for The Good Immigrant.

Speaking of The Good Immigrant, Nikesh Shukla was on the Book Shambles podcast.

Nikesh and other contributors to The Good Immigrant will be discussing the book at The Roundhouse on 1st August, which sounds like a great event - and profits will support Hope Not Hate!

Also on Unbound, Tim and Simon from The Big Green Bookshop are writing a book about the shop. Rewards here include getting to run the shop for the day. This costs £500 and there are a bunch of us thinking about pooling our money to do it - tweet me at @yayeahyeah if you're interested! (We're looking for 20 people at £25 each.)

Folk group Lady Maisery are crowdfunding their new album (2 and a half days left.)

Denise recommended her favourite LGBT+ reads.

Louise Jones blogged about The Parkrun Effect.

10 days left for writers of colour to submit to the Bare Lit anthology.

Jack Noel posted about the cover design for Lauren James's Another Together.

Barrington Stoke blogged about exploring WWI in fiction.

Wei Ming Kam's Queer Writers Of Colour series has finished - if you haven't been following, check them all out!

The Bookseller announced their Rising Stars.

Disability in Kidlit announced their Honor Roll.

There are two days or so left to apply to be a hedgehog officer in Ipswich which looks like an AMAZING job!! (Thanks for the spot Debbie!)

Lili shared her top 10 underrated books.

A Book Tokens quiz told us what sort of book lover we were!

Juno Dawson wrote for Glamour about overcoming her red carpet fears.

A petition here is asking people to sign if they'd like to see the voting age lowered to 16.

On this site, Perdita Cargill reviewed The Square Root Of Summer.

Cait posted 10 Things Book Bloggers Should Not Be Worrying About.

Panels shared some of their favourite posts of the year so far, including What Happens After You Call Our Poor Representation On Twitter and one on Jughead's Asexuality.

Finally Amandla Stenberg wrote a Teen Vogue op-ed on Youth Activism

Any there you especially liked? Or anything great I've missed? Leave me a comment! 

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