Monday 18 July 2016

Links Recap: 18th July Edition

I'll repeat my intro from last month - I'm going to drop most of the commentary from me - most posts have featured about 12 different uses each of 'fabulous', 'brilliant', 'wonderful' and 'I loved/adored this'. All of these things are COMPLETELY true, but they get repetitive - and much worse, I worry they make me sound insincere when I'm definitely not! Basically, ANYTHING included here is something I love and think is amazing.

2 time sensitive ones to start off with! If you're reading this before 7pm on Tuesday 19th July and you're a new/aspiring author drop EVERYTHING and get to The Yorkshire Grey for Non Pratt and Robin Stevens's superb BatNon and Robin event! Tickets available here

Also you MAY be in time to subscribe to Illumicrate and get the August box! As I write, I think there's maybe about 10 left though, so BE QUICK!! 

(If it HAS sold out by the time you read it, all MAY not be lost as I have a competition going at the moment for people in the UK - RT the below tweet to enter!)

I think this post from Faye on accepting compliments is something I really needed to read. Her writing - especially for Safe Space - is always incredibly insightful, as shown by the amazing reaction to her post last month about her ace journey. (Look, I said I was dropping most of the commentary, not all of it - some things really need to be said!)

Other brilliant Safe Space posts.

Jess - Guaranteed Smiles
Lily - Growing Up Tall
CM Golding guest post - Gender - That Thing We Made Up 
Jess/Laura/Faye/Lily/Louise - Letter To Our Sixteen Year Old Selves 

Going back to Faye for a minute, she wrote for Big Book Little Book on Five Fabulous...LGBT Books, adult thrillers, and MG Books Published in 2016, and she has a great competition of her own going where UK people can win one of a fabulous selection of books! 

Nikesh Shukla wrote about 'isolated incidents' of racism

(Just a reminder that you can still back the incredible The Good Immigrant, by Nikesh and 20 other awesome writers, on Unbound.)

Media Diversified celebrated their 3rd birthday by sharing this FANTASTIC library of books, collated from Nikesh's tweets. 

On this blog, Liz Flanagan gave me a great video about the landscape healing itself as part of the Eden Summer blog tour. 

Michelle posted about feminist icon Katherine Hepburn for the And I Darken blog tour.

Stephanie Burgis released superb short story House of Secrets

Chelsey Pippin at Buzzfeed listed 34 YA Books Every Feminist Will Love

Two awesome booksellers teamed up for a post with JassyFizzle interviewing Grace Latter

West End stars - including two of my favourites, Cleve September and Sam Mackay! - performed a Hamilton medley at West End Fest! 

My friend Stacey has announced her next #ChatClassics Twitter chat! It will take place at 8pm BST on Monday 25th July - I love her gorgeous graphic for it!

I wrote a post on 40 things to do before I'm 40, inspired by Caitlin's on 30 things to do before she's 30.

The YALC at a glance schedule and floor plan are up! So excited for the weekend. 

The blog tour starts today for Girl Hearts Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe - full schedule here! I am SUPER excited to be taking part in this, partly because I'm lazy and Faye, who's organising, always does all of the hard work so it's an easy post to upload, but mostly because Lucy's book is stunning and I'm thrilled to get the chance to ask her some questions about it! There are three copies available to win for UK/Ireland residents throughout the tour; check out Sophie's blog So Many Books So Little Time for a chance to win one. 

Grace on 6 reasons you must see Matilda.

Grace's friend Letitia is raising money to try and buy the coffee shop she bakes for - if you can help out, please do! 

Ella Risbridger wrote about finding joy in the little things

Sadie Gennis wrote for TV Guide on 17 Reasons Rory's Soul Mate Is Actually Paris - I'm rewatching Gilmore Girls at the moment and COMPLETELY agree.

Rob Walker, in the Guardian, wrote about indie bookshops turning a new page to fight off the threat from Amazon.

Amber vlogged about her favourite books so far in 2016.

Caroline wrote about Five Fabulous... Auto Buy Authors

Finally I've been colouring a lot, and wanted to share a couple of my pieces with you!

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  1. Excellent round up as always! (Also, I've just finished S1 of Gilmore Girls and I've been secretly shipping rory and paris the whole time, so now I feel justified of all my life choices. Thank you.)