Sunday 5 June 2016

Recent Links Recap: 5th June edition

For lots of reasons my recent recap feature ground to a halt a month or so back. I'm super-busy at the moment and also not on Twitter (where I get pretty much all of my links!) that much these days. (Okay, I DID just hit 100,000 tweets, but I was expecting to hit it much sooner - unsure whether this is a good or bad thing!)

I want to bring it back because I kinda feel that one of my strengths as a blogger is signal boosting others - I know and follow so many incredible people and it is always fabulous to get their posts out to more people! They ARE going to be shorter, due to lack of time, so I'm sure there will be amazing posts that I leave out just because I haven't seen them. Please, please leave comments with anything you love that I miss! I'm also going to drop most of the commentary from me - most posts have featured about 12 different uses each of 'fabulous', 'brilliant', 'wonderful' and 'I loved/adored this'. All of these things are COMPLETELY true, but they get repetitive - and much worse, I worry they make me sound insincere when I'm definitely not! Basically, ANYTHING included here is something I love and think is amazing.

Onto the links, then!

On my blogs:

My #ReadProud #6degrees post.

Hayley Culverhouse guest posted on A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Sylvia Bishop's 5-4-3-2-1 on Teens on Moon Lane.

Ben Davis guest post on Joe Cowley's Favourite Music Festivals.

On other blogs:

Grace on A Barista's Fascination with Customers.
Grace again, on Zusterchap, with an ode to her sister.

(Basically you should read everything Grace ever writes, but I'm trying to keep this reasonably quick to write so I just picked two particular favourites.) Also in the 'READ THEM ALL RIGHT NOW' category are Caitlin's Chronically Caitlin blog and the amazing group blog Safe Space. 

Particular highlights from them:
Caitlin - A Spoonie's Guide To Current Television and Chronically Holidaying: London and Stockholm.

Safe Space - Faye on depression and on the power of internet friendships, Joy Isabella on a year without self-harm and an anonymous post on workplace bullying.    

The UKYA Book Blogger Awards were announced. I won two, which was really lovely! (Also I know I said I'd cut down on the commentary, but I HAVE to say a massive thank you to Luna and the other bloggers who ran and publicised these awards, and also to Faye whose idea they were and who did such a wonderful job of running them last year before handing over to Luna this year.

Luna interviewed Orangeboy author Patrice Lawrence

Charli on being considered 'too young' for prescription medication.

Chelley announced new feature Read Toy-gether with her son Corey!

Stacey's Illumicrate unboxing on Pretty Books.

Sportswriter Joe Posnanski on Hamilton and on parenting.

Sarah Likes Books reimagined the books on the YA Book Prize shortlist as Hamilton songs.

Debbie shared two favourite banana bread recipes.

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