Tuesday 15 March 2016

Links Recap: 7th - 14th March

Last week was International Women's Day, and there were lots of fantastic posts for it! A few of my favourites - Louise O'Neill on being an Irish woman today, Karina Glaser on 50 of the best MG heroines, Juno Dawson on why we still need IWD and Rosalind Jana on 12 of the girls online doing incredible things - including fantastic blogger, and #ukyachat host, Lucy Powrie!

I decided that as a guy, the best way I could celebrate IWD was by signal-boosting some of the incredible women I love reading. There are SO MANY I could have put in, but I was trying to keep it shortish, so here are a dozen or so - plus one fantastic grop blog - that I think you'll love.

Several of the people I featured in that piece have written fantastic blog posts this week, too!
Don't miss any of them - they're all excellent!

Cait Lomas - The Frustration of Mental Fatigue, Totally Unscientific and Probably Unorthodox Ways to Manage Insomnia, My Etsy Addiction
Justina Ireland - The Places We Don't Go
Camryn Garrett - Internalized Misogyny and White Feminism
Ella on the Tall Man being in remission
Grace on her tattoos and on the fabulous Crush launch.
Juno Dawson on why her genitals are nobody's business but hers.
And on Safe Space, Jess on being a hypochondriac and asking where have all the labia gone?, Joy on people using the expression "I'm a bit of a girl", Emma on feel-good music and Faye on make-up, while Jo posted about Safe Space on her own blog Jo's Scribbles.

Other really fantastic posts this week include two must read articles on sexism, one on sexism in STEM by A Hope Jahren and one by Nicole Brinkley on sexism in YA.

On my blogs, I posted some recommendations for moving contemporaries and hosted a fantastic Susie Day guest post for 6 Degrees while Harriet Whitehorn gave us a great Teens on Moon Lane post on Armchair Travelling.

I love these great Alice Oseman and Rainbow Rowell interviews on Maximum Pop.

Lili shared some brilliant travel tips. Darran wrote on loving stories in all formats. Cratejoy featured Daphne's brilliant Illumicrate in their Uniquely UK collection!    

Chelley wrote a recap of the CountdownML chat a few weeks ago. (Next chat is in just under a week, by the way, taking place on Mon 21st March at 8pm GMT!)

Exciting book news - we're getting 2 more Daisy and Hazel adventures from Robin Stevens!

The YA Book Prize shortlist was announced - fab choices! I've read 8 of the 10, and really enjoyed all 8.

Zen Cho self-published an ebook reprint of her 11,000 word short The Terracotta Bride, first published in anthology Steampowered 2: More Lesbian Steampunk. This is fab, and just 99p/99c for a today only, I believe! Another recent release which looks really fantastic is Dahlia Adler's Right of First Refusal.

Finally, a reminder that NineWorlds - one of my favourite conventions - runs this year from August 12th - 14th. Early rate tickets are on sale until end of March for £85, at which point I think the price goes up to £95. It would be fantastic to see people there!

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