Sunday 14 February 2016

Recent Links 7th - 13th February

The biggest news of the week has to be the launch of Safe Space, a site started by Jess of Jess Hearts Books to be 'a place where a group of women bring you posts about trying to hold their shit together.' The first week has seen the fantastic team introduce themselves - I would definitely recommend you check out every post! Individual links:
Jess, Rachel, Jo, Emma, Debbie, Joy, Laura

Safe Space has already become a must-read blog, just like my friend Caitlin's Chronically Caitlin blog, which she started last month. Two great posts this week, on getting ill when you're chronically ill and on not feeling guilty for not reading.

And speaking of must-reads, one of the people I've learnt most from over the past year or two is Justina Ireland - this Brief Guide to BeyoncĂ©'s Formation for White People is superb. 

It's sad to read this anonymous Tumblr post on How Closeting in Entertainment Works, but it's definitely another one you shouldn't miss!

Going from must-reads to must-attends, if you're an author who can get to London on Monday 14th March, don't miss BatNon and Robin's guide to author events!

This guide for authors to getting involved in the UKYA community was written after last year's BatNon and Robin event - I've moved it over to my blog after the closure of Bookish Peeps.

Other bookish stuff of interest - a great SLJ interview with Heidi Heilig, a brilliant Guardian piece from Elen Caldecott on class in children's books, Samantha Shannon's diverse YA recs (so jealous of her having read Wing Jones by Katherine Webber!) and my friend's Julianne awesome post on her local library. Also a new feature which I'm THRILLED to have been the first person to take part in last month, Shelf Swap on Pretty Books, continues with Robin Stevens making the choices - Stacey, I adore this feature idea!

Various stuff on my blogs - here we have a 5-4-3-2-1 from Melissa Keil and on Teens on Moon Lane 5-4-3-2-1 with Rachel Delahaye, the first 6 Degrees guest post from awesome author Melinda Salisbury and a top ten twins list from Elen Caldecott.

One of the posts recently I've most enjoyed writing is my Valentine's Day antidote, top ten non-romantic relationships - but if you DO want romance this Valentine's day, check out 15 contemporary YAs that make great Valentines from Dahlia Adler.

Book-related things I've really enjoyed - Amber's post on how blogging can help your career and Waiting For Callback co-author Honor Cargill interviewing Asa Butterfield and Ella Purnell.

In exciting news, Lianne Oelke announced that House of Orange - which I've known about via a web forum for quite a while and have been DESPERATE to read - will be published in 2017 from Clarion.

Finally Mr Ripley is compiling a great list of YA and children's book bloggers based in the UK! If you're a blogger who's not on it, get in touch with him!

What have you read and loved this week? Anything I'm missing?

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