Sunday 24 January 2016

Recent Links Recap

Time-sensitive ones to start off with! Tomorrow, Monday 25th Jan, is the next #CountdownML chat! See what books we're talking about and read a preview of our personal favourites and most anticipated.

(Also on Teens on Moon Lane, Top Ten Recent Additions To My TBR and 5-4-3-2-1 with Jon Mayhew and Tamsin Cooke and on this blog, Ellen Brickley on I Capture The Castle)

And speaking of chats, there's an #ownvoices chat TODAY, Sunday 24th Jan, at 2pm EST (which I'm FAIRLY sure is 7pm GMT) - that should be wonderful! Also on #ownvoices, great giveaway being run by Corinne Duyvis - check out details here!

There was a really interesting #SundayYA chat last week about disability - one common theme was that people are looking to read more #ownvoices novels featuring disability and neurodiversity. There's a list on Dahlia Adler's site of some of the ones out there. A recent post of Dahlia's that I'm guessing I'll be recommending a LOT is her epic What We Aren’t Talking About When We Talk About Feminism in YA, including a ton of recommendations.

Obviously that post is likely to get expensive (because ALL of Dahlia's do!), this one also might - Caitlin's ode to her Dr Martens has me really wanting to buy myself a pair!

I'm a big fan of Marianne Levy's recently released first YA novel, Accidental Superstar, and also really enjoyed this Independent on Sunday post she wrote on school bus journeys.

I really enjoyed Stacey's post about graphic novels and her Storify of #ChatClassics! And another great Storify here, Nita Tyndall on the difference between romantic attraction and sexual orientation.

Fab to see Laura Lam, one of my favourite authors, interviewed on the brilliant Mugglenet.

The fantastic #NeverEvers blog tour is continuing to be amazing, love this post on So Many Books, So Little Time on best books written in collaboration!

Phil Earle was announced as Booktrust's writer in residence - what a brilliant pick!

Awesome to see the Publishers' Publicity Circle Annual Awards Shortlist - lots of fabulous publishers I know there!

I love this wonderful Emma Gannon post on mistakes companies make on social media.

I also thought this Sarah Maria Griffin post on how Bowie queered the handsome prince in Labyrinth was superb, as was this Meagan Rivera post on struggling with internalised misogyny and Paulette Perhach on savings accounts, 'The Story Of A Fuck-Off Fund'.

Also I ADORED Kat Kennedy on Cuddlebuggery's advice, Book Blog Like Nobody's Watching and Sali Hughes on how kindness is more important than Telling It Like It Is.

Another great advice post here, Maggie Stiefvater's Shy Introvert's Guide To Signings!

Yet another, Sarah McIntyre's tips to schools on how to prepare for school visits from authors!

And a really original blog tour post here, with Chelle writing a short story as part of the What Makes Us Human tour.

What have been your favourite posts of the last week? Share them in the comments!

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