Sunday 3 January 2016

Recent Links Recap

Okay, as mentioned the other day I'm not going for anything regular this year, but the links feature was fun to do a few times last year and there's already been some amazing posts in the first few days of 2016! Let's look at my favourite things I've tweeted about over the past few days.

Kicking off with a time sensitive one - in response to the floods that devastated Hebden, fabulous Sam Missingham has coordinated an auction of some amazing books to raise money for The Book Case. These end this afternoon (Sunday 3rd Jan) in many cases, and tomorrow in others, so it's well worth checking out NOW!

On this blog, I reviewed Candy Harper's Leap of Faith, third in the Faith series, which immediately became my favourite YA read of 2015.

Maximum Pop announced their shortlists for the MP! Awards 2015. Book-related ones include Best YA of 2015 - an easy choice, with Holly Bourne's Am I Normal Yet? being by far my favourite of the shortlist - and Booktuber of the Year, a far more difficult one because how can ANYONE pick between two people as amazing as Lucy The Reader and George Lester?

Keris Stainton's running her online writing course again, starting tomorrow. This is £50 for 8 weeks and speaking as someone who's done it before and found it really useful, I'd say that's an absolute bargain!

Dahlia Adler wrote about the #ReadWomen challenge. I can definitely see why people would do it (I'm not myself, mainly because about 90% of the books I read are written by women anyway) but would strongly recommend reading this before taking part; it raises some great points.

Speaking of Dahlia, I loved this post of hers about moving from writing m/f to f/f!
And this great YA Interrobang post on best 2015 covers is headed by a picture from Maggie Hall's stunning cover for Dahlia's Under The Lights, one of my favourites of last year!

Grace, who's one of my favourite bloggers, wrote a brilliant post about finally liking her body and another excellent one about 2015 and 2016 books. And she's selling some gorgeous things on depop  and Vinted.

As a big fan of Waiting For Callback by Perdita and Honor Cargill, I loved this review from Book Lover Jo!

Faye's posted about her new website, Daydreaming Designs, which is coming soon - I can't wait to see it!

I finally read Ella Lyons's gorgeous f/f romance novella, Complementary and Acute - a fun read for anyone who loves boarding school stories!

And I loved Nick Bryan's top TV shows of 2015.

There are LOTS of posts looking back on 2015 and looking ahead to 2016. A few I really enjoyed reading. 
Nina from Death Books and Tea
Daphne from Winged Reviews
Julianne at This Fleeting Dream  (which links to her awesome video on Candy Harper's Faith!)
My own top 12 of 2015 at Teens on Moon Lane and my end of year survey.
Lauren James
Fellow Hufflepuff Louise O'Neill. Yes, REALLY.
Ashley Herring Blake
Molli Moran with some super exciting book news - I am SO excited for One Heart Like Mine, f/f NA companion novel to One Song Away, which I adored.
(If you use NetGalley, Molli's upcoming book As You Breathe Again is available for request, by the way!)
And my two favourites of all, Louise Jones with her resolutions, and Sophie Heawood on what she's doing differently in 2016.

And as ever with a new year, reading challenges abound! A couple which look great - British Books Challenge hosted by Kirsty from The Overflowing Library and 2016 Classics Challenge, hosted by my friend Stacey at Pretty Books.

We're running monthly #CountdownML chats on Teens on Moon Lane and the first one took place last Monday, hosted by Chelle from Tales of Yesterday as I was busy watching a pantomime. I Storified it, though!

Also on Teens, fab 5-4-3-2-1 with Candy Harper!

And I wrote some Sporcle quizzes - one on YA/MG releases of last year and one on children's classics.

I discovered xCrini's amazing spreadsheet which I'm using to keep track of my books read in 2016.

And on that note, finally, we'll continue to update our spreadsheet with reviews as they come in for 2015 releases, but as of today British bloggers have written well over 1600 reviews for books which came out here last year - WOW!! A massive, massive thank you to Debbie for doing nearly all of the work on it. And here's the one for 2016!

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