Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Amy Alward Blog Tour: Where I Write - Woman Cave Tour

I'm currently reading, and really enjoying, Amy Alward's Potion Diaries, and I was lucky enough to go to the brilliant launch earlier in the week - so I'm very happy to be on the blog tour! Over to Amy, to tell us about where she writes.

At the end of last year, I moved out of London to the gorgeous medieval city of Winchester- and consequently moved from a pokey flat into a house with actual stairs. (What is it about stairs that makes you feel so grown up? I have no idea).

Multiple levels aside, by far the best aspect of the move was that I got to turn a small, single bedroom into a dedicated writing space. My creative sanctuary.

In other words… I created my own personal woman cave.

For me, a woman cave is 100% necessary because I have a bit of a weird process when it comes to writing. I often love to recreate that feeling of reading a book under the covers by flashlight- that kind of enclosed space that makes you feel warm and safe. When I feel enclosed, my imagination seems to soar. I’m definitely not what you would call claustrophobic! That’s why I lined every wall with dark wood bookshelves and stacked them floor-to-ceiling with my favourite reads. As a publisher and an author, I’ve collected a lot of books over the years, and somehow they just keep on multiplying. 

In the early stages of writing, I also like to use old-fashioned tools- just a fountain pen, ink, and a good sturdy notepad. I often make the mood even more atmospheric in my woman cave by drawing the blinds and lighting some candles. I admit that sometimes my husband comes home on a bright, sunny day and wonders why his weird writer wife is holed up in her library/cave writing by candlelight and pretending she lives in the Middle Ages…but he quickly gets over it. 

Whatever gets the creative juices flowing, right?

Amy Alward is the author of The Potion Diaries and editorial director for a leading children’s publisher. She is addicted to coffee, books and adventure. Get in touch via Twitter: @amy_alward or Instagram @amyalward!

You can buy The Potion Diaries here.

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