Saturday, 2 May 2015

Giveaway: When My Heart Was Wicked by Tricia Stirling (UK/Ireland)

I'm hugely intrigued by When My Heart Was Wicked by Tricia Stirling and was really excited to receive a copy from awesome agent Molly Ker Hawn - who's also been kind enough to offer me a copy to giveaway. I don't tend to run many giveaways, but this isn't out in the UK at the moment so I wanted to make sure at least one of my followers could get their hands on a copy - thanks for the fab chance to pass one on, Molly!

From Goodreads:

"I used to be one of those girls. The kind who loved to deliver bad news. When I colored my hair, I imagined it seeping into my scalp, black dye pooling into my veins.

But that was the old Lacy. Now, when I cast spells, they are always for good."

16-year-old Lacy believes that magic and science can work side by side. She's a botanist who knows how to harness the healing power of plants. So when her father dies, Lacy tries to stay with her step-mother in Chico, where her magic is good and healing. She fears the darkness that her real mother, Cheyenne, brings out, stripping away everything that is light and kind.

Yet Cheyenne never stays away for long. Beautiful, bewitching, unstable Cheyenne who will stop at nothing, not even black magic, to keep control of her daughter's heart. She forces Lacy to accompany her to Sacramento, and before long, the "old" Lacy starts to resurface.

But when Lacy survives a traumatic encounter, she finds herself faced with a choice. Will she use her powers to exact revenge and spiral into the darkness forever? Or will she find the strength to embrace the light?

Cheyenne, Lacy's mother, sounds both fascinating and terrifying. To enter the contest, leave me a comment letting me know who you think is the most interesting parent in fiction. Contest closes at 23:59 BST on Sunday 10th May and contacted during the following week.

Terms and conditions: 
1. Over 13's, and resident in the UK or Ireland, only, please. 
2. Winner will be contacted within 7 days of contest closing and have 14 days to respond, if they don't respond a new winner will be chosen.
3. Winner's address will be passed on to Molly to send them the book, then deleted. E-mail address and postal address will not be used for anything other than sending prize.


  1. Oh wow! This book sounds awesome!!! My pick for most interesting mother in fiction is Lorraine from a recent book I read....Lies Like Love by Louisa Reid...her character is both terrifying and intriguing as without giving too much away you wonder what on earth is going through her mind

  2. I actually did a post a while ago about my favourite mothers/mother figures so I'm going to steal one from there...

    I'm choosing Melissa from If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch. I found her really interesting because as a character she didn't go the way I was expecting. Melissa becomes step mother to Carey and Janessa when they are found living in a forest and abandoned by their real mother. It would have been so easy for her to be the villain, a typical evil step mother annoyed by her husband's kids by another woman turning up (which is what I expected) but she wasn't like that at all. Despite all the difficulties, she did her best to become the mother that both girls needed and I found it really touching and refreshing.

    This book sounds great, will have to read it whether I win or not! Thanks for the giveaway :)

    1. If You Find Me was great, and I definitely agree with you about Melissa. The whole story was very different to what I was expecting (and what I would usually read) but I enjoyed it very much.

  3. It has to be Harriett's Dad in Geek Girl. I love how troublesome and fun he is. Even if it seems like a lot to take on, no day will be easy or boring with him around. He is a dad, friend and a pet (LOL) all rolled in to one.

    He is like a breathe of fresh air where YA is full of absentee or seriously annoying parent who do stupid things but he is funny, charming and a right laugh.

  4. I'm going to go with Cam, from Tracy Beaker.

    I'm choosing her as through the books you see how much she cares for Tracy, how much she comes to like her and she's headstrong and knows what she wants. She doesn't put up with her lies and she tells Tracy how it is. It's great to see at the end how much she loves Tracy as much as she would her own daughter.

    That's why I chose her, because there are so little Foster Parents in books today, that not only show progression and growth, but also love and admiration for their child.

    I know it's a children's book, but it sticks with me form my childhood, so it must have had an impact on me.

  5. I think Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird - he provides such a great moral guidance to his family but is a tragic figure whose story I'd like to know more!

  6. As it's May the 4th I'm going with Anakin Skywalker!

  7. I think the most interesting parent in fiction is James Mortmain from I Capture the Castle - largely because his children are forced to trap him in a fifteen foot pit until he gets to work on his second book. My own children are not nearly this much help to me.

  8. Zouga Ballantyne of the Wilbur Smith novels, set in the late 19th century in Southern Africa amongst the hopes and dreams of the diamond rush

  9. Henry from the time travellers wife

  10. Ooh, that's tough, as the answer that immediately springs to mind is kind of a spoiler, and I'd hate to do that to anyone! So, I'll go for the second one to pop into my mind: Abhorsen Terciel from Garth Nix's Sabriel. We find out relatively little about his history, only really seeing him though other peoples eyes, but I would love to hear more of his story.

  11. Valkyries dad from Skudugggery Pleasant-Desmond Edgley. Though people may see this amazing book series as one for kids that isn't true as it is one of the bests series I've ever read! Desmond a really nice dad. He is kind, polite and comes out with the wittiest things but when it comes to boy and trouble in Valkyries way he takes up the role of a strong and understanding dad as well!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. The Weasleys in the Harry Potter series

  13. It has to be Molly Weasley from Harry Potter. All through the series she's this soft Mumsy figure then in the final battle she's totally badass

  14. The Mum in a Mouseproof Kitchen :)