Sunday, 29 March 2015

Where Else You Can Find Me

Super quick blog post mainly to encourage you to check out two other sites!

As you may have noticed from Twitter, I'm moderating over at That Jesse Bloke's fabulous new forum, Bookish Peeps. It's a great place for bloggers, authors and readers to talk books, and the forum format makes discussions easier than say Twitter. I've been shockingly busy recently so haven't had much of a chance to post there, but hopefully will be able to do more there soon, and we're running the Bookish Peeps Book of 2014 vote - closing date TOMORROW at midnight! - where we're asking people to rank their 10 (or more!) favourite books of last year. We've got a decent amount of votes in but would love more, so if you haven't voted yet, why not check it out?

Also, I'm blogging once or twice a month at MG Strikes Back, alongside a superstar line-up of amazing bloggers and authors! This site is the brilliant idea of Darren, who runs the fantastic Book Zone 4 Boys, and has taken off like a rocket, thanks to the amazing people he's brought on board.

I've done a couple of Happy Book Birthday features there - February and March in addition to a post on MG mysteries and diversity, and another about my favourite illustrations in MG books (inspired by the fantastic #PicturesMeanBusiness hashtag created by Sarah McIntyre!)

There have been brilliant posts there on nearly every day since it launched, but a few I especially enjoyed.

Hands Off Our Harry Potter - Middle Grade Is Striking Back! by Darren.
The Best Books of the 21st Century by SF Said.
Why Do I Write Middle Grade Stories by Abi Elphinstone.
Top Ten Heroines in MG Books by various authors/bloggers.
A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett by various authors.
How We Learned to Embrace Our Bonkersness and Encourage Bonkersness in Others by Miriam Craig and Lorraine Gregory.

If you haven't checked out either site yet, I'd definitely encourage you to take a look!

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