Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Heartbreakers Blog Tour Day 4: Sara Hantz and Ashley Poston

Day four of the Heartbreakers 2015 blog tour, which I'm taking part in with six other blogs, and bringing you Q & A's with fourteen authors over six days - as well as an amazing giveaway!


1. Who's the first fictional crush you can remember having? 

The Goblin King from The Labyrinth will forever be my sexual awakening.

2. As a teenager, what would have been your ideal date? 

Anything that wasn’t kissing in a playground beside a cemetery—which actually happened. My bar was set real low.

1. What's the most romantic song you've ever heard? 

What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life, written by Michel Le Grand

2. If you could go on a date with any fictional character, who would you go with and where would you go? 

Darcy, for a meal at a restaurant overlooking the ocean.

Ashley Poston

Ashley Poston is a fangirl at heart. Inspired by everything from Sailor Moon to Firefly to Harry Potter, she began writing at a very young age and never stopped. Her play, MOTHLIGHT, won best direction, best actor/actress, and best stage play at SCTA's 2008 conference. Since then, she's written for Quirk and ThoughtCatolog, apprenticed under a Hollywood screenwriter, spoke at Anime Expo's Academic Conference, interned at Random House, and somehow found herself a book contract. She currently lives in South Carolina with her cat and a plethora of books. When not writing, she hangs around on Twitter fangirling about all the feels. THE SOUND OF US, from Bloomsbury Spark, is her first novel. Tweet her at @ashposton and read her inner-most rambles at

The Sound of Us

Blurb: America's favorite pop band, Roman Holiday, is done, dead, and so totally last year. For eighteen-year-old rockoholic Junie Baltimore, this is music to her ears. But when she discovers their sexy ex-lead singer hiding out on the boardwalk, her summer vacation becomes the cover story of the year.

She's willing to keep him a secret, but when a sleazy paparazzo offers her the cash she needs to save the bar her father left behind, could she sell out for the chance to save her future? Who is she kidding? That's a no-brainer...but she never planned on falling head over heels for the lead singer.

Sara Hantz

Sara Hantz comes from the UK and now lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia (via 10 years in New Zealand). She lectured for many years before deciding to devote more time to her writing and working in the family business. She has two grown-up children and when not writing or working she spends more time than most people she knows watching TV - in fact if TV watching was an Olympic sport she'd win gold.

Will The Real Abi Saunders Please Stand Up

Abi Saunders might be a kickboxing champion, but when it comes to being the center of attention, she’d rather take a roundhouse kick to the solar plexus any day. So when her trainer convinces her to audition to be the stunt double for hot teen starlet Tilly Watson, Abi is shocked—and a little freaked out—when she gets the job.

Being a stunt double is overwhelming, but once the wig and makeup are on, Abi feels like a different person. Tilly Watson, to be exact. And when Tilly’s gorgeous boyfriend, Jon, mistakes Abi for the real star, Abi's completely smitten. In fact, she’s so in love with her new life, it isn’t long before she doesn’t have time for her old one.

But when the cameras are turned off, will she discover running with the Hollywood A-list isn’t quite the glamorous existence she thought it was?

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