Monday, 9 February 2015

Heartbreakers Blog Tour Day 2: Judith Tewes and D.G. Driver

Day two of the Heartbreakers 2015 blog tour, which I'm taking part in with six other blogs, and bringing you Q & A's with fourteen authors over six days - as well as an amazing giveaway!

1. Who's the first fictional crush you can remember having?

This is hard. When I was younger I read mostly fantasy and horror novels. Not love stories, per se. First book crush might have been Bill Denbrough from Stephen King’s It. Don’t judge me.

2. As a teenager, what would have been your ideal date?

Going for a walk on the beach. Day or night. I lived in Orange County, California, and I loved being near the ocean. Then, to warm up (because it’s usually cold at the beach), snuggling on a sofa and watching videos.

1. What's the most romantic song you've ever heard?

I fall in and out of love with songs so fast…lol…but I’m currently crushing on this tune by Pete Yorn, A Girl Like You.

2. If you could go on a date with any fictional character, who would you go with and where would you go? 

Ramses from Anne Rice’s, The Mummy. Haven’t read it? You should. ;)

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D. G. Driver

Notes is D. G. Driver’s second book published by Fire and Ice. Her fantasy novel Cry of the Sea was released in 2014. She has published several award-winning, critically acclaimed non-fiction books as Donna Getzinger. She is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and lives with her family in Nashville, Tennessee. Visit her web site to learn more about her, and follow her to keep up with future projects.

Passing Notes 

Mark has finally gotten the attention of the girl of his dreams. Only, his lame attempts at romance through texts and emails seem to be turning her off. When he gets put in the back of the room in an over-full class at school, he begins to discover old notes giving advice about how to write a great love letter. At first he thinks he’s stumbled on some long-forgotten notes passed in class ages ago, but every time he reads them they seem directed specifically to him. They also appear at the perfect moment each time he needs more advice. It’s like someone is haunting him. How do the notes keep appearing? Who’s writing them? Why?

And if Mark follows the ghostly writer’s advice, will he win Bethany’s love?

Judith Tewes

Judith Tewes resides in Northern Alberta where she: writes, sings, plays bass guitar, walks her three crazy labs, and suspects she’s living the life of a superhero’s alias.

Connect with Judith


My Soon-To-Be Sex Life

Charlie is down to her absolute. Total. Last. Resort.

Despite a thoroughly comprehensive list of potential cherry poppers, er…suitors, and careful plotting, Charlie is three weeks into her devirginization campaign, still untouched, and getting desperate. In the movie of her life, this aspiring screenwriter is giving herself a PG, for please, get some.

Her project goes into freeze frame when her mom checks herself into rehab and packs Charlie off to live with her estranged, or just plain strange, grandfather, Monty. How is she supposed to get a date when she has to go pick up his Depends?

Enter Eric, a hot rehab grad on the road to redemption, and the only one who can make Charlie rethink her strategy. The more she gets to know him, the more convinced she becomes that is the one, and not just another to add to the list of people who will abandon her.

In this hilarious and heartbreaking story of one girl’s detoured road to womanhood, Charlie’s list develops a life of its own – right when she realizes there’s so much more to lose.

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