Monday, 17 November 2014

YA A to Z: Morgan Matson

I'm in a massive rush and meant to write this last night but fell asleep (so tired!) but I couldn't let M day of TLT's awesome YA A to Z feature pass without a quick bit of praise for Morgan Matson!

I think there are lots of great YA contemporary authors around today but if pushed, Morgan would be my absolute favourite, because I've read all three of her books (the ones published under her own name, anyway) and they are all AMAZING. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour was gorgeous to look at - put together in a 'scrapbook style' with travel book pages, motel reservation slips, and similar things - but was also brilliantly written, with two fabulous lead characters who had superb chemistry between them.

Second book Second Chance Summer was perhaps a slightly slower starter but just as amazing; leaving me in floods of tears as main character Taylor and her family prepared for her father's death due to cancer, while she tried to rebuild relationships with friends at the old lake house they'd stayed at every summer until a falling out five years ago.

This year's Since You've Been Gone - which I believe you can still vote for in the Goodreads Choice Awards, hint hint! - is a brilliant story about a girl out of her comfort zone trying to do challenges left for her by a friend who has mysteriously disappeared, in the hope that they'll lead her back to her best friend. I love the friendships here, both the flashbacks showing Sloane and Emily together and the new friendships Emily forms while doing the tasks.

As well as the fabulous writing, both Amy & Roger and Since You've Been Gone are added to by fantastic playlists which have helped me discover so much wonderful music, ranging from musicals, to Oasis, to Owl City, to Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

Morgan was generous enough to take the time to talk to me about her books and a few other things back in July after Since You've Been Gone came out - a huge thanks again, Morgan! (And, indeed, to the lovely Liz Binks for setting this interview up, and the fantastic Jane Griffiths for putting me in touch with Liz.)

In addition to her books under her own name, Matson also writes as Katie Finn - I haven't tried these books yet but they're definitely on my 'wants' list.

Morgan can be found on her website and on Katie Finn's site and on Twitter both as herself and as Katie.

Who are your favourite authors whose surname starts with M? Let me know in the comments!

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