Thursday 15 May 2014

GLAZE Blog Tour - Kim Curran's Top Ten Social Media Moments

I really enjoyed Glaze by Kim Curran - check out my recommendation yesterday - so I'm thrilled to be part of the wonderful blog tour for it today! Read on for Kim's Top Ten Social Media Moments, enter the AMAZING giveaway, then head over to A Daydreamer's Thoughts to get links to all the fantastic sites involved in the tour.

My top Ten Social Media Moments

• When my agent messaged me via Twitter DM to say he was signing me. I was in Belize at the time and it was utterly surreal and awesome.

• Seeing that Angry Robot had launched a new young adult imprint. I remember emailing a friend saying ‘I would kill to be published by them!’

• Announcing the deal – the day I announced that I had signed a book deal with Strange Chemistry on Twitter my replies went crazy! I couldn’t keep up with it at all. And it was so amazing to feel the outpouring of congratulation.

• When the tweet I wrote about a woman handing out bacon sandwiches got retweeted 172 times. I had a moment of ‘internet fame’.

• When one of my favourite authors followed me after I sent him a picture of a rhino.

• Getting reviews of my book. I still get a huge kick out of people messaging me to say they put a review of one of my books up. I never go looking for reviews or Google myself, as I believe reviews are for readers not authors. But if someone sends them to me, it’s a good sign they enjoyed it and they want to share it with me. And that’s lovely. 

• The first time a teen boy I’d never met messaged me on FB to say he loved my books. That had me walking on air for a week.

• Taking part in 1001 Nights, where I wrote a 1001-word story, using characters settings and lines given to me by Twitter. I was terrified no one would respond, but I was inundated with suggestions. I lost 16 followers as I live tweeted the story. It was worth it. You can read the story here.

• All of the incredible friends I’ve made thanks to Twitter! I can’t imagine my life without them now.

• This blog tour! Organised by the incredible Faye – (@daydreamin_star). When I reached out to bloggers to see if they would like to get involved I had no idea I would end up with a blog tour of my own. It’s been a delight and thank you for being a part of it!  

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Find out more about Kim at TwitterFacebookGoodreads and Youtube.

Huge thanks to Kim for taking part, and Faye for organising!

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