Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday Spotlight: Bookbag Reviews

Trying something a bit different here - I used to use Sunday Spotlight for reposting reviews I'd written for the Bookbag, one a week, but looking at the amount of views and comments they get it doesn't seem worthwhile reposting the entire thing - most people who want to read it will have seen it on The Bookbag.

Instead, I'm going to go to posting once every 2 weeks with a round-up of the best books I've reviewed for the Bookbag recently, so you can click on the title to be taken to the full review if you'd like to. Thanks to Sue and Jill for letting me do this!

April and May's reviews:


Where You Are by Tammara Webber - Sequel to the very good Between the Lines is even better than that book. Four great narrators and an unpredictable story make this a must read.

You Don't Know Me by Sophia Bennett - Book of the year contender explores media manipulation, cyber-bullying, body image, romance, friendship, making choices, and does it all with incredible heart and a wonderful cast of characters.

Drummer Girl by Bridget Tyler - Stunning debut novel with a wonderfully portrayed set of characters who develop brilliantly through the book. Massively recommended.

Firewallers by Simon Packham - One of the most consistently excellent YA authors around gives us another great book, and one of the best endings in years.


Monster Odyssey: Eye of Neptune by Jon Mayhew - Fast moving and tense, this is a modern take on a Jules Verne-type underwater adventure. Well worth reading!

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