Friday 23 August 2013

Friday Feature: Blogger Interview with Kerrie of Read and Repeat

Welcome to another of my blogger interviews! This one is with Kerrie from the brilliant Read and Repeat site.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself - what do you do aside from reading and blogging?

Hi I'm Kerrie and I run Read and Repeat a YA book blog, when I'm not reading or blogging I can usually be found working or spending time with my family and friends.

2. One of my favourite features on your blog is Two Pound Tuesdays, where you pick out brilliant books for under £2. What do you think is the best bargain you've seen this year?

It probably has to be Paper Towns by John Green which has been under £2 for ages now, if you haven't brought it yet, why not?

Fab pick! Paper Towns is my favourite JG. 

3. I know that, like myself, you're a big fan of Andy Rabb's Geekhood books. If Archie and co invited you to go LARPing, would you go? If so, what would your character be?

I love the Geekhood books, I've been recommending them to everyone! I would love to go LARPing with Archie and his friends but I'm not sure what character I would choose to be, I'd wanna see what everyone else chooses first!

4. We seem to have similar tastes in a lot of ways - a book we both really enjoyed was Drummer Girl by Bridget Tyler - fab review, by the way! Which of the girls from Crush would you say you were most like?

It would have to be Lucy, she was quite shy and tended to go along with the flow and didn't like to upset the balance. Pretty much sums me up!

5. What's your favourite genre to read?

Contemporary without a doubt. I do read others and enjoy them but I always come back to a contemporary book especially if I'm having a reading slump

6. I'd hope that most of my readers will take a look at Read and Repeat when they finish reading this interview. Is there a post you're particularly proud of that you'd like to direct them towards?

It's probably still my review of Pushing the Limits, to me it was such a great story and a hard one to do justice but I was very happy with my review in the end

Great review of a wonderful book!

7. Is there anything you wish you'd known about blogging when you first started?

How much time is required to keep the blog up to date. You only have to not post for a while and you soon get backed up

I definitely agree with you there! It can be incredibly time-consuming.

8. If you could interview any author for Read and Repeat, who would you choose?

I would love to interview John Green, even though I'm not sure what I would say to him other than "your books are amazing"

9. What's your favourite thing about blogging, and is there anything you don't like?

My favourite thing is the community, I know everyone always says it but it's true everyone you meet or talk to via Twitter is so nice, helpful and supportive and it helps so much when you're new and trying to get the hang of things and even now when I'm having a bad day just one supportive tweet makes everything better!

The community is fab, isn't it? So many brilliant people.

10. Do you think you'll still be blogging in a few years time?

I really hope so, I never thought I would ever start my own blog but it is something that I've never regretted even on the bad days!

That's good to hear! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, Kerrie!

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  1. I love hearing from other bloggers all the time.

    I really enjoyed Pushing the Limits too.

    Samina @ Escapism from Reality