Sunday, 14 July 2013

7 Books That Were (Probably) Written By JK Rowling!

As you may have seen if you've been on Twitter today, there's a breaking literature story - JK Rowling has been revealed as the author of The Cuckoo's Calling, a crime novel published under the pen name Robert Galbraith. Prior to the revelation, it was believed that JKR had only written the Harry Potter books and the Casual Vacancy - but today's news has got me thinking. What if it's not just these books? What if JKR is more prolific than we'd ever imagined?

So, here we are - 7 Books That Were (Probably) Written By JK Rowling!

1. Twilight (supposedly by Stephenie Meyer) - Come on. Two guys and one girl as the leads? Hugely successful feature film adaptations? Sometimes banned by schools? I'm amazed it took us this long to work it out.

2. Wicked! (Jilly Cooper) - It's notable that until 1993 or so, Cooper was releasing roughly a book a year. (According to that ever reliable Wikipedia, anyway.) After that point, things slowed down notably - possibly as it would have been hard to keep up that sort of schedule while also writing Harry Potter (JKR completed the manuscript for book 1 in 1995.) That's obviously not proof - but Wicked! is a behemoth of a book, as are most of JKR's novels, and deals with class issues, as does The Casual Vacancy.

3. Jimmy Coates series (Joe Craig) - I'm behind on the Coates books, but this was explained to me by Holly Smale.

4. Geek Girl (Holly Smale) - Oh, come on. Geeky girl who is generally unpopular at school despite her intelligence, and whose name starts with H? It's a Hermione spin-off in disguise! (And if JKR is Craig AND Smale, then it explains some of their Twitter conversations. As much as anything COULD explain some of their Twitter conversations...)

5. Red (Alison Cherry) -  Lily Potter and the entire Weasley family have red hair, and are all fabulous characters. It's no surprise that the logical next step would be to write about Scarletville, where redheads hold all the power and a girl who dyes her hair lives under fear of becoming a social outcast, is it?

6. Emma (Jane Austen) - Rowling is clearly brilliant at courting publicity. It makes you think that when she said that Jane Austen was 'her favourite writer of all time' and praised Emma's surprise ending, it was an incredible move to bring Harry Potter fans to the joys of her work as Austen. And, of course, the title character was clearly named in tribute to Emma Watson's superb performances as Hermione Grainger.

(For those of you who believe Emma to have been written a few hundred years before Rowling was born, I have two words for you. TIME TURNER.)

Thanks to Vicky Walters, who originally spotted this, by the way!

7. Silent Saturday (Helen Grant) - There have been numerous tongue-in-cheek suggestions by authors that they're actually pen names for JKR. The first person I've seen to actually DENY this, though, is Helen Grant.

Doesn't that look suspiciously like a double bluff to anyone else?

So, which of the above authors do you think is most likely to be JKR in disguise? Or is there another, more obvious, candidate that I've missed.

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