Thursday 13 December 2012

Thursday Thoughts: Book Review of Dash and Lily's Book of Dares

Just before Christmas, Lily leaves a notebook on the shelf of her favourite bookshop. Dash finds it and follows the instructions, setting off a chain of passing the book back and forth trading their hopes and dreams. Could the two be just as right for each other in person as they are in writing?

I have to admit, I struggled with the first quarter of this - Dash is super-snarky and it took me a while to get into his voice. Once I got used to it, however, I absolutely adored this book. There's a pair of fabulous narrators, an intriguing plot, and some wonderful supporting characters. It also captures the atmosphere of both the setting of New York City and the timing of the Christmas period perfectly.

This is a super-short review - I may edit it later if I think of more to say - but to be honest I can sum it up with 'Get someone you love this book for Christmas!' - it's an absolutely perfect read for the holiday period and is just, basically, wonderful.

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