Tuesday 6 November 2012

Top Ten Book Related Websites

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

1. The Bookbag - The site which got me into book reviewing! I've been reviewing for The Bookbag for about 3 years now, so I'm completely biased, but I have to say that I've never seen another site which has so many consistently high-quality reviews.

2. Absolute Write - Prior to finding AW in April this year, I'd been trying to write a book for about 15 years, without ever getting more than 15k into something. (And that one took six years or so!) Since finding AW, I've got 35k into one novel - shelved for a bit while I decide whether to change something, wrote 50k of a novel (which is so shoddy it barely counts as a first draft, but is still a massive achievement for me) last month, and am 25k into my NaNoWriMo after five days. There is so much staggeringly good advice here that ANYONE reading it will improve as a writer.

3. UKYA - Brilliant site focusing on UK YA books which is run by the awesome trio of authors Keris Stainton, Susie Day, and Keren David. Lots of great info on teen books by UK authors and it's a really well set-out site, making it very easy to find books by location or genre.

4. Raych Kruger - There are lots of fab book bloggers out there, but no-one has got a voice like Raych's! Read her 'nine caterpillar' review of Jaclyn Moriarty's Feeling Sorry For Celia and be amazed by how entertaining AND useful it is. Extract - "Ok, so Feeling Sorry for Celia is an extremely stupid and irrelevant title and that is the only criticism I have because the book itself is SO VERY GREAT. It is DROLL and HEARTFELT and WHIMSICAL and NIFTY without being GIMMICKY (ok, it's a little gimmicky. But it's gimmicky in a way that WORKS)."

5. Read Write and Read Some More - Annabelle is a really good blogger and writes fab, detailed reviews. She also gave me an awesome guest post for my YA contemporary theme week last week!

6. TV Tropes - Huge apologies for linking to the internet's biggest time sink, but I couldn't leave out this ridiculously informative site. I routinely lose hours on it by getting distracted, though, so enter at your own peril.

7. ReadARaptor - Raimy's blog is full of brilliant reviews and looks gorgeous - she has one of the best headers around!

8. Sister Spooky  - Laura is hugely enthusiastic about books and has really similar tastes to me, so if she loves something, I know there's a fair chance I will too,

9. Word For Teens - Nicole was kind enough to hand me my guest blogging debut as part of her wonderful Characterize series. As well as some fab guest posts, she's another blogger who writes great reviews.

10. Writing From The Tub - There are times when I want to find out what a book is like quickly. Carly's 'mini-reviews', which are about 50 words long plus the plot summary, are a fab way of doing this!

11. YATV - Sneaking in my own site as an 11th! It's not book related but has had contributions from authors Keris Stainton and Susie Day, who took part in my Gilmore Girls roundtable, and I've got a few other YA authors lined up as well. In addition, book blogger Carly Bennett recaps Girls and Fresh Meat on the site. Please take a look if you have any interest in TV!


  1. :D - thanks for the mention, Jim!x

  2. Awesome list! I hadn't heard of quite a few of these links before, so I'm off to check them out.

    Tanya Patrice

  3. Thanks for sharing these amazing sites! I would be checking them out!

  4. I AM ON THE SAME LIST AS TV TROPES! *swoons onto nearest chaise*

    True story: I used to use TV Tropes for academic research, particularly if I was looking for something specific and listy at the juncture of literature and pop culture, like People Making Deals With The Devil For Stuff.

    For real, though, thank you kindly. ALSO, I'd forgotten about Feeling Sorry For Celia! Man, that was a great book.

  5. NovelSnippet.com is cool. It contains hundreds of books (and seems to be rapidly growing). The books are accompanied by a 100-word snippet so you can easily search and find lots of great books.