Thursday 25 October 2012

Friday Feature 1: Kindle Bargains

Later today, I have an awesome interview which I'm hugely excited about posting, but I've just seen Amazon's brilliant Kindle Harvest and realised you can grab five brilliant books for just over a fiver. I wanted to share the details!

The Flip-Flop Club: Whale Song by Ellen Richardson (99p) - Amazon link - Haven't reviewed yet Really sweet book in a lovely MG series, with a really sweet and timeless feel.

The Demon Collector by Jon Mayhew (99p) - Amazon link - My review
Second in Mayhew's very loosely linked historical fantasy series, but could be read as a stand-alone. Creepy mixture of demons and Victorian London, with fabulous world-building.

Koh Tabu by Ann Kelley (99p) - Amazon link - My review
One of the most thought-provoking books I've read in years, this 70s story of teen girls trapped on a desert island is a taut thriler with some great characters.

A Beautiful Lie by Irfan Master (99p) - Amazon link - My review
This story of a young boy in 1947 India trying to stop his bedridden rather from hearing the news of Partition is outstanding. Bilal, who wants to let his father die without having his heartbroken, is a wonderful central character and Master's book is thought-provoking, exciting, and completely charming.

Poison Heart by SB Hayes (£1.19) - Amazon link - My review
Stunning psychological thriller with brilliant characters and an incredibly tense atmosphere.


  1. Just bought Koh Tabu and A Beautiful Lie - thanks! The link to your Beautiful Lie review doesn't work though :(

  2. Oops - Thanks Anna, will sort it now. Glad to hear you got a couple of bargains, hope you enjoy them both!