Thursday 22 March 2012

Thursday Thoughts: Book Review of Alibi by Annie Miles, Isabel Eckersley, John Byrne and Sorrel Provola

Abigail Shelton is dead.

And given she was found floating in her boyfriend's pool, with her hands tied behind her back and her head bleeding, she was pretty obviously murdered. But who on earth would want to kill a sweet young lady like Abby? There are four suspects - each has an alibi, but they also have a motive. Whodunnit? Read this new 4 book series to find out...

Twist Literary are a new publisher with an intriguing idea - to publish serial novellas with, as the name suggests, plenty of twists and turns. This debut series has got the concept off to a great start! The four books each focus on one of the main suspects for the killing of Abby, who are all really well developed characters. They're fun to read about and most of them are likeable - but each one has a secret they don't want other people knowing. Is it one worth killing for? Maybe...

Given this series was written by four separate authors, the characters are impressively consistent, by the way. I liked Charles slightly more than the other three but everyone's bound to have their own favourite - notably, though, every time we see a character from a new viewpoint we learn more about them. The return to scenes we've seen in previous novellas but from a different viewpoint is superb, and really works well as a way to slowly reveal more and more every time. I also thought the writing styles of the quartet of authors were great - the publisher are targetting this at fans of series like Gossip Girl, and as someone who really enjoyed the first few GG novels, at least, I think that lovers of this type of book will get a huge kick out of this series.

By the way, the books are just a couple of pounds, or three dollars, each, but you'll save some money by buying the full series at once - I'd certainly recommend this.

All in all, I definitely enjoyed this series and can't wait to see more from Twist Literary! (And for some details on what comes next, check back tomorrow for a feature...)

Finally, I'd like to thank the good people at Twist who not only provided me with a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review, but have also provided me with a second electronic copy for a giveaway! To enter, see below.

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