Thursday, 23 February 2012

Putting Boys on the Ledge - Stephanie Rowe

(I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.)

Blueberry Walker is desperate to get to know hunky Heath Cavendish better, and acting in a play with the senior she has a crush on seems to be the perfect opportunity. Her friends warn her, though, that she needs to avoid showing her interest too strongly and put him on the Ledge to keep him interested. Also willing to help her learn more about boys is new friend Colin - but is he just being helpful, or does he want more?

This is predictable fluff, but with engaging enough characters to be really enjoyable reading. I loved Blue, I found her friends really fun as well, and while I could tell what was going to happen fairly early on I still enjoyed the short journey to get there. Given the length of this novella it's actually one I'd recommend really highly to teens who don't normally read much - I think the compactness of it, along with the realistic characters and breezy writing style would definitely give them a good experience. Plus, there's three more in the series to move on to after this one - I know I'll be checking out the others, I'm sure most people who read this will be keen to see what happens next to Blue's friends, who get a book each devoted to them.

Anywhere between a mild and strong recommendation depending on your feelings on short reads with a light touch.

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