Thursday 12 January 2012

Thursday Thoughts:Book Review of Indigo Blues by Danielle Joseph

High school senior Indigo briefly dated an older boy called Adam. He took the relationship more seriously than she did, and she broke it off. He moved away... and that's the end of that, yes? Except... the reason Adam moved away was to become a rock star. Suddenly, he's top of the charts with a song about the girl who broke his heart. Indigo just wants to forget their relationship, but how can she do that when half her school, and several journalists, want to hear all the gory details about the pair of them?

First things first, this is a light read. It's fluffy, there's not a huge amount of stuff happening, and there's no real sub-plots - it focuses fairly narrowly on how the pair have been affected by the break-up and by Adam's rise to fame. (I mention that because I've seen a few reviews which criticise it for being too shallow.) Taken for what it is, though, it's a lot of fun. It features two engaging narrators, with Adam and Indigo taking it in turns to tell the story, and both of them coming across as likeable people who you want to root for. There's also some great supporting characters, particularly Indigo's 14 year-old brother Eli, who's trying his best to help Indigo deal with the situation - and being about as sensitive as you'd expect a teenage boy in these circumstances to be.

It's also a fairly short, and fast, read, which was a plus point. I think there was perhaps a tiny issue with the pacing - as mentioned earlier, there wasn't all that much happening, but given the reasonably short length I found that okay. I enjoyed Danielle Joseph's writing style, and thought her dialogue was especially good - all of the characters sounded really believable.

All in all, I'd happily recommend this to anyone just looking to kick back and relax with something fun and undemanding for a while. I know the summer seems like months away (oh, wait, it IS months away...) but this would be a perfect beach read.

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