Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday Summary 1st May

First and foremost for me today is an entire new website, Girls Heart Books. Phenomenal line-up of authors contributing to this one including a few of my very favourites, Hilary Freeman, Cathy Hopkins and Karen McCombie. Not much there yet but that will definitely change in the weeks and months to come!

Given the royal wedding on Friday it was particularly interesting to read an excellent piece by Richard Denning on weddings in Anglo-Saxon times. Painstakingly researched as always from one of my favourite historical writers!

Fiction Folio has got a review of Dream Smashers by Angela Carlie along with an e-book giveaway. Great review and I'm desperate to read it now so fingers crossed for the competition! (It may have been smarter NOT to plug it here and attract extra entrants, but I couldn't do that to my readers...)

Katie Dale's thoughtful post about Happy Endings on the Edge Authors blog is another fantastic one. I'm a firm believer in a good tearjerker, personally... ever since Romeo and Juliet!

Raych at books i done read reviewing one of my favourite ever 80's YA books, Remember Me To Harold Square? Somehow, this is BETTER than I was expecting, and I was expecting it to be incredible. Eleven caterpillars!

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