Sunday 17 April 2011

Sunday Summary: 17th April

Time for another Sunday summary, with the SIX best things I’ve found on the web this week!

I swear I should just have a Kody Keplinger space in this feature because she ALWAYS writes a piece that's so good I have to include it! This one is a typically excellent look at "slut shaming" and the use of language, especially in high school.

Nicole has some interesting thoughts on reviewing and rating books. Well worth a read!

Great feature article on BUOYR about how blogging has changed the way Nina reads. I'm tempted to avoid linking it because she already has so many more followers than me that I'm jealous, but I think if I do that ARGH may cry. And I couldn't make ARGH cry; he's awesome. So go check it out!

Fantastic interview with Hannah Moskowitz on Electrifying Reviews and the chance to win her book, the amazing looking Invincible Summer. Like Hannah, I love F Scott Fitzgerald and The Year Of Secret Assignments (known in the UK as Finding Cassie Crazy) by Jaclyn Moriarty. Big thanks to Alex for a fantastic interview!

I wouldn't normally put in two interviews but this is also too awesome to miss out on - a great interview with the gang from Splash of our Worlds as part of La Femme Readers' blogger fame meme! I have to admit I'd never read Splash of our Worlds but loved the interview and since reading it have checked out the superb site.

Bargain of the week goes to Errant by Diana Peterfreund, the standalone novelette set in her unicornverse which I originally read in Tricia Telep's Kiss Me Deadly collection. It's just 70p in the UK for Kindle and $1.13 in the US! While I've read and loved a couple of her Secret Society Girl books this was my first introduction into her unicorn stories and I thought it was fantastic - huge recommendation to all.

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