Sunday 27 March 2011

Sunday Summary

Yes, Friday Feature appears to have disappeared. I had writer's block - sorry!

Here goes, though, with the 5 best things I've seen on the web this week.

I haven't read Sophie Jordan's Firelight yet, but the amount of great reviews it's had already had me really interested in it - even before reading this superb interview at I Was A Teenage Book Geek. Definitely one that's high on my to read list.

A Touch of Leah has one of the most ridiculously awesome contests I've ever seen. Author Leah Clifford is giving away FIVE signed copies of A Touch Of Mortal, her first book, and each comes with an Assortment of Awesome. The description makes it sound wonderful... but it's only for US/Canada residents! Argh - still, even if I can't win, hopefully someone reading this can. Good luck all!

I'd imagine there's a point where I can actually plug Savita Kalhan too much. However, I don't think I'm anywhere near that point yet, so if you haven't read the truly amazing The Long Weekend, check out this giveaway AND the 5 books that influenced Savita the most on Anna Reads.

How can anyone be just 19 and as great a writer as Kody Keplinger? Despite her young age, she's got an incredibly well-received novel, The Duff, out, she's got the awesome looking Shut Out being published later this year, and her blog posts are always incredibly thoughtful and well written. This one, on 'blaming the character', is no exception.

I read Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly recently but never got round to reviewing it. I liked both the historical stuff and the modern day parts but when the two met it didn't do much for me. Brush Up On Your Reading was a significantly bigger fan and have a great review up here.

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