Sunday 9 January 2011

Feature: Around The Internet

This is either a fun feature where I scour the best of the last week or so around the internet to find some great links for my readers, or a shameless attempt to keep up my record of posting every day since starting the blog without writing anything original. You decide!

Books Into Movies
- Inspired by tweets from Holly Black (@hollyblack) and Cassie Clare (@cassieclare) Gallagher Girls author Ally Carter (@OfficiallyAlly) wrote this fantastic blog post on the process of turning a book into a movie and just how much control an author gets over the film. Fascinating.

City Of Ashes book trailer pics - Speaking of Cassie Clare, did you know they're shooting the City of Ashes book trailer at the moment? If you didn't you've missed some great pics - Mundie Moms have come to your rescue with a slideshow, though!

Book Reviews This Week - Linking to a list of links as part of a list of links seems kinda weird. But Jesse Owen (@jesserowen) has done such an incredible job of putting together a huge list of book reviews that there's no way I could leave it out of this post.

On Writing and Publishing - The amazingly talented Diana Peterfreund (@dpeterfreund) has put together a list of her previous posts on writing and publishing. I've only had the chance to read four or five of them but they're crammed full of superb advice to anyone trying or hoping to write something that'll be published.

Chat - I LOVED Friday's book blogger chat at Hale and Salvatore. Monday it's on again, 5:30 - 6:40, but this time at Call Me Crazy. would be great to meet some readers!

Any great stuff from the net this week that I've missed? Tell me about it in the comments section!

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