Sunday 26 December 2010

5 Hopes For YA in 2011

Persnickety Snark has a fantastic FIVE Challenge running that Adele's created. I missed out on the first five having only set up this blog today but decided I'd try today's.

Five Hopes for YA in 2011

1. A really great YA book set in Wales. Or even a pretty good YA book set in Wales. Growing up in the 80's I was spoiled by Jenny Nimmo's Magician Trilogy and Susan Cooper's The Grey King - nothing since then has ever touched those two for me. Hopefully this will be the year that changes!

2. More supernatural books WITHOUT vampires or werewolves in. Even zombies are starting to be a bit overdone. (And don't get me started on faeries.) How about leprechauns, dryads or satyrs? Two that I'm really looking forward to are Siren and one I saw a bit online about yesterday based on Medusa which I can't track down ANYWHERE... any ideas, anyone?

3. A new Jaclyn Moriarty book. After feeling let down by Becoming Bindy Mackenzie, Dreaming of Amelia has me desperate to read more, especially about Emily and Lydia. Of course, if you really CAN'T wait, her website is a great place to find a tiny little bit extra, particularly the FAQ section.

4. At least one fantastic movie or TV adaptation. I'm always disappointed, but maybe this year I won't be. High, high hopes for Never Let Me Go, in particular.

5. More books with male narrators. Beautiful Creatures was the find of the year for me from this perspective. It tends to be easier to recommend them to teen boys I'm trying to get interested in reading if there's a guy narrating.

Would love to hear other people's hopes!

Edit: If I haven't screwed up the technical stuff completely there should be a Mister Linky appearing below for anyone who wants to link to their own 5 hopes...


  1. I love Ethan Carter Wate! Great list.

    Please let me know if someone knows which Medusa book you were talking about.

  2. YEA for more male protagonist - that one made our list too, mainly because I love reading from Ethan's pov.